Unbreakable Ice Cream Safe- How to make cool stuff (I made a class!)


  1. Mees


    6 hours ago

    I like Ben&Jerrys, but it's like 6€

  2. BigBoy_Uzumaki5


    11 hours ago

    Mark: you can get a full refund if you don’t like it. Me: cancels it on day 4 so I don’t get charged

  3. cloudy


    14 hours ago

    Give lockpickinglawyer 10 seconds.

  4. sfedf rgr

    sfedf rgr

    15 hours ago

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  5. Scott Nope

    Scott Nope

    17 hours ago

    "it's a scarce resource." How big is your house and TVs?

  6. Kevin Quintero

    Kevin Quintero

    18 hours ago

    and i am broke

  7. Kevin Quintero

    Kevin Quintero

    18 hours ago

    and i will not have the things to make stuff

  8. Kevin Quintero

    Kevin Quintero

    18 hours ago

    yooo mark pls sell that because i need it

  9. paul meynell

    paul meynell

    Day ago

    I did the course, great fun!

  10. K&L Films

    K&L Films

    Day ago

    Me to my family: “Guys we’re going to need a new box of ice cream again!!!!”

  11. HavingFunWithAhmed


    2 days ago

    ohhh your idea is ruined bc your family members will watch this :(

  12. {*lisawolf*}


    2 days ago

    Everything backpack my dream invention

  13. Ronit Sharma

    Ronit Sharma

    2 days ago


  14. Landy yt Lungless

    Landy yt Lungless

    2 days ago

    Hi Ron

  15. M Martin

    M Martin

    2 days ago

    Can I be on a class

  16. Larbnent243


    3 days ago

    There are no LockPickingLawyer references in the comments here :(

  17. PERFECT isME


    4 days ago

    water bill

  18. Brent Starace

    Brent Starace

    4 days ago

    its the best except when your lactose and tolorant

  19. Unicute


    5 days ago

    Lockpickinglawyer is shaking

  20. Gabriella Schierer

    Gabriella Schierer

    5 days ago

    Could I maybe finnaly make a mini green house by my self with your class?

  21. Oliver Hope Lidegaard

    Oliver Hope Lidegaard

    5 days ago

    Can I buy that?

  22. Haya


    6 days ago

    Well his family members can just now watch the video and eat the ice cream

  23. Elite Games

    Elite Games

    6 days ago

    Me thinking that he’s real smart for a guy that quit NASA

  24. Terri Perez

    Terri Perez

    6 days ago

    Me trying to put my computer in there...

  25. TheSmartSloth


    7 days ago

    "That's what I love about being an engineer." Says the USgoner.

  26. 9B40Devang Chokshi

    9B40Devang Chokshi

    7 days ago

    his family: watching this video mark: 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  27. Big tom Scull

    Big tom Scull

    8 days ago

    If you sold the ice cream thing I would buy it

  28. Phat Gus

    Phat Gus

    8 days ago

    That ice cream better have nuts

  29. Blane Pebesma

    Blane Pebesma

    8 days ago

    Very neat idea taking advantage of the different properties of the two materials. My only question though is would this contact of dissimilar metals lead to galvanic corrosion over time?

  30. sushi


    8 days ago

    Im going to a engineering middle school cause I want to be a engineer cause I love your videos so much.

  31. Pweezum


    8 days ago

    You could kinda see the lid growing!

  32. Hank


    8 days ago

    Doo doo doo do do Trying To Sign Up For Class

  33. Luis G. Celaya

    Luis G. Celaya

    9 days ago

    Can you do a science video if be effects your brain or something like that please?

  34. JHM


    9 days ago

    and DIGESTABLE! what do u eat it?

  35. Grisfodz


    9 days ago

    just cut a hole in the bottom lol

    • fn_tc


      9 days ago

      It’s metal????

  36. Nadia Sava

    Nadia Sava

    10 days ago

    Aww ur like a kid u want candies and make complex things that gives candies

  37. KHOR JIN RUI Moe


    11 days ago

    3:17 this short music is so satisfying

  38. KHOR JIN RUI Moe


    11 days ago

    And what if your family is watching this

  39. Angela Olsen

    Angela Olsen

    11 days ago

    I sew that video that you helped mr beast for a brank

  40. 2xbarret


    11 days ago

    Mark: makes a video about him locking his ice cream and teaching them how to open it His family that probably watches his videos: uHhHhhHh, okay thanks for the ice cream :)

  41. Alice Bae

    Alice Bae

    12 days ago

    Plot twist: his family watches this video

  42. ethan tan

    ethan tan

    13 days ago

    i think im enrolling next summer :) (if my parents dont change their mind)

  43. AverseMoon


    13 days ago

    What programming language do you use for projects? I use python

  44. Raffi


    14 days ago

    But now your family or the people in your house know how to get the ice cream with this video

  45. KuldeepSingh Kerda

    KuldeepSingh Kerda

    15 days ago

    if you make a video on how to build solar panels perfectly

  46. Edspapa Mobile

    Edspapa Mobile

    15 days ago

    Mark is it parent proof?

  47. chicken's cave

    chicken's cave

    15 days ago

    i'll take your entire stock

  48. Taha Ahmed

    Taha Ahmed

    15 days ago

    No u

  49. Game bros

    Game bros

    16 days ago


  50. Miracle


    16 days ago

    does anyone know the parts to this build?

  51. yazanYT


    16 days ago


  52. Maryam Ahmed

    Maryam Ahmed

    17 days ago

    waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit what if mark's family sees this video and then they know how to find the icecream?

  53. Vixty


    17 days ago

    when mark relizes that the people he lives with see this vid.

  54. jenniguzman


    17 days ago

    how did you become an engineer?

  55. 540ŚŮBŠÇŔİBĖŔŚ WithOut Video Challenge

    540ŚŮBŠÇŔİBĖŔŚ WithOut Video Challenge

    17 days ago

    Mark will have the coolest science stories to tell when he's a grandfather

  56. you may or may not see me everywhere

    you may or may not see me everywhere

    18 days ago

    This is gold

  57. Brody Tolman

    Brody Tolman

    18 days ago

    make a hipmotiser please

  58. Hugh Dillon

    Hugh Dillon

    19 days ago

    He should work for spaced x or .... work for Elon.😁

  59. TSoul13


    19 days ago

    have you send that to the lockpickinglawyer yet? because he could use one of those

  60. DogeLover4life


    20 days ago

    Plot twist: his parents/family watched this video and can open it

  61. Riley


    20 days ago

    sent it for lpl bruh

  62. Charissa Martin

    Charissa Martin

    20 days ago

    I want this bad lol

  63. Jingwen Tan

    Jingwen Tan

    22 days ago

    Imagine if his family watches this...

  64. The gaming turtle

    The gaming turtle

    23 days ago


  65. Curious Duck The second

    Curious Duck The second

    23 days ago

    That is so cool

  66. Aleena Ahsan

    Aleena Ahsan

    23 days ago

    Make me one I love ❤️ ice cream 🍨

  67. Peter


    23 days ago

    Big brain.

  68. Farhan Ahmad

    Farhan Ahmad

    23 days ago

    now everyone can eat your Ice cream

  69. Siya Gupta

    Siya Gupta

    25 days ago

    Hey Mark - What 2 metals did you use?



    26 days ago

    idk how they still don't know theres phone inside of it when his making these videos for years

  71. BeanieBella


    26 days ago

    Can I make a fully functional robot like cozmo?

  72. Joe G

    Joe G

    27 days ago

    HahH I love your vids btw Thank you for teaching us while making it enjoyable

  73. Declan Sammon

    Declan Sammon

    27 days ago

    Your the best mark Rober

  74. Skittlekingthefirst *

    Skittlekingthefirst *

    27 days ago

    oh so he recorded the class videos 6 months ago.



    27 days ago

    I watched this video and then signed up for the class ... where he told me about his idea for this video ;)

  76. JL


    28 days ago

    the Lock pick lawyer could break in.

  77. Planet9gaming


    Month ago

    Lol im 12!!!

  78. Leah Christensen

    Leah Christensen

    Month ago


  79. Bill Slater

    Bill Slater

    Month ago

    Coolest thing every

  80. BVT 0320

    BVT 0320

    Month ago

    Honey, the neighbor is talking about how to protect ice cream again.

  81. Mr. Critter

    Mr. Critter

    Month ago

    I need this but for Life Savers.

  82. Георгий Каражов

    Георгий Каражов

    Month ago

    My dad is gonna buy the course:)

  83. Lord Of Shiba Town

    Lord Of Shiba Town

    Month ago

    No more tik towers licking the ice cream and putting it back

  84. Hollie Minton

    Hollie Minton

    Month ago

    The candy he ate was a Weather's Original, I recognize it.

  85. Kaden Colby

    Kaden Colby

    Month ago

    Is there any way that you can send me the blueprints to your retractable zipline? Please



    Month ago

    You just exposed the way to get your ice cream.

  87. Umar Al-Faruq

    Umar Al-Faruq

    Month ago

    Family fighting for ice cream

  88. ¿Cocoa?


    Month ago

    ya no ones stopping me from eating 5 XL pizzas

  89. Oscar


    Month ago


  90. Hector Medel

    Hector Medel

    Month ago

    Shut up and take my money

  91. Sam-wiches with Sam Barry

    Sam-wiches with Sam Barry

    Month ago

    his fam watching; oh heck ya

  92. JellyBean


    Month ago

    Anyone else notice that the blender had sounds from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?

  93. No Nameツ

    No Nameツ

    Month ago

    Me the person who breaks the rubik's cube and rebuilds it to solve it

  94. Crazy unicorn

    Crazy unicorn

    Month ago

    Dude you have a diamond playbutton!?!?!?!?

  95. my first channel

    my first channel

    Month ago

    With mrbeast

  96. my first channel

    my first channel

    Month ago

    I saw you made elephant toothpaste

  97. Joshua Wood

    Joshua Wood

    Month ago

    I'm not getting your notifications 😒

  98. Ian Lima

    Ian Lima

    Month ago

    You should really make the perfect salt and pepper dispenser it dispenses perfect pinches of salt and pepper for certain foods

  99. Omar Makki

    Omar Makki

    Month ago