The Truth About my Son


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    3 months ago

    If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)

    • Fireruner12


      22 days ago

      My brother has autism too

    • KracerPlays


      23 days ago

      i want to donate so bad but i cant in this country :(

    • Derpyotter Playzz

      Derpyotter Playzz

      2 months ago

      His so cute

    • Kayley Kitty Paws UwU

      Kayley Kitty Paws UwU

      2 months ago


    • Vyctrr


      2 months ago

      Sure do ;)

  2. The Galactic Republic 7567

    The Galactic Republic 7567

    5 minutes ago

    I saw this on the premiere and I didn't comment so want to say this made my day!



    Hour ago

    i love him he is so cute autsum is not a disability it is a different ability

  4. Joey Richard

    Joey Richard

    4 hours ago

    What a dad

  5. Jackson Inglis

    Jackson Inglis

    5 hours ago

    Hey dude I’m autistic

    • CandySkull


      5 hours ago

      same :D

  6. Krishi Singh

    Krishi Singh

    5 hours ago

    I almost cryed watching this video and all the best for your son .

  7. DeXuWasTaken


    7 hours ago

    13k weirdos watched this video…

  8. Mr. sandlot

    Mr. sandlot

    8 hours ago

    Your sons ability’s is being awesome!



    9 hours ago

    Why so many unlikes??i d understand

    • CandySkull


      5 hours ago


  10. The Plant

    The Plant

    10 hours ago

    How do you always know how to hit everyone’s soft spot ?

    • CandySkull


      5 hours ago

      because hes a genius

  11. Cortez Gross

    Cortez Gross

    12 hours ago

    His son made my day

  12. kerri scheck

    kerri scheck

    12 hours ago

    Guys make sure you feel the disability as a different ability

  13. Arnie Gurgle

    Arnie Gurgle

    13 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing this it is so valuable.

  14. mcgeeleewee


    13 hours ago


  15. Octavia Prine

    Octavia Prine

    14 hours ago

    The unwieldy laugh wessely march because rutabaga optically doubt into a ill-fated olive. billowy, sordid processing

  16. potatomanflew


    15 hours ago

    i love this video

  17. potatomanflew


    15 hours ago


  18. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson

    16 hours ago

    My sister is just like ham

  19. The Train man

    The Train man

    16 hours ago

    As a autistic kid myself, everything he describes about autism sound are louder to me and so I focus and I love trains so every time I hear a train I wanna know what the locomotive is and that is I haven’t seen a locomotive pass to where I can see it and heck it’s hard for me as I can’t find it but I don’t give up.

    • CandySkull


      5 hours ago

      i also have autism (asd) but i dont get the severe noises, though i do get a little fussy if i cant understand someone or if they can not understand me properly

  20. Cristian Morales

    Cristian Morales

    16 hours ago

    this is so sad

    • kiryoon


      9 hours ago

      @Lindsay Dev dont listen to the other guy, all the op said was that it was sad. maybe because its so sweet

    • quickplayerhappyerthanmeandmyself


      11 hours ago

      @Lindsay Dev he thinks that autism is a disability but it is a different ability

    • Lindsay Dev

      Lindsay Dev

      12 hours ago


    • quickplayerhappyerthanmeandmyself


      13 hours ago

      What is so sad?

    • quickplayerhappyerthanmeandmyself


      13 hours ago


  21. suzanne de jong

    suzanne de jong

    17 hours ago


  22. Haleigh Pelletier

    Haleigh Pelletier

    18 hours ago

    No wonder his jokes ore like dad jokes

  23. Marcsalloum fun

    Marcsalloum fun

    19 hours ago

    Your sun's smile made my day and my day sucked and if u see this tell ur sun we support him and hope for him the best

    • Curved


      5 hours ago


  24. Techo Butt

    Techo Butt

    19 hours ago

    Lovely ❤❤❤❤

  25. DGS Viewing

    DGS Viewing

    20 hours ago


  26. Ryanliongamer


    Day ago

    If son is super cool

  27. pro_stealth wr

    pro_stealth wr

    Day ago

    I bet now everyone can understand everyone's same just way they do is different DON'T SEE SOMEONE AS DISABILITY SEE THEM AS DIFFERENT ABILITY

  28. Shriek


    Day ago

    I almost cried 2 seconds in.

  29. GreenGamer_77


    Day ago

    Mark: "he won't be the first person to step foot on mars" Elon Musk: "hmmm"

  30. EnterStudios


    Day ago

    This video is so wholesome, I almost cried 😭

  31. Alis Albertsen

    Alis Albertsen

    Day ago

    i have it too

  32. Spark XZQ

    Spark XZQ

    Day ago

    This makes me go yes.

  33. Disconnected


    Day ago

    I can’t watch this without tearing up

  34. batarang_moonwalk


    Day ago

    hahah the kid crying because he's not getting ice cream 3:33

  35. Karam Hilwah

    Karam Hilwah

    Day ago

    Is it me or does his wife remind me of Kara from detroit become human

  36. Nickgee


    Day ago

    i love your son

  37. Koffee Kai

    Koffee Kai

    Day ago

    Wanna be his friend he seems so nice

  38. the technology guy

    the technology guy

    Day ago

    Does your son have difficulty sleeping I know someone who has autism and they had trouble sleeping

  39. Rickachu picachu

    Rickachu picachu

    Day ago

    He is so cute

  40. MacKenzie LumberMill DIY

    MacKenzie LumberMill DIY

    Day ago

    thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your beautiful amazing son with me. xoxo Sandy

  41. Soe Aung

    Soe Aung

    Day ago

    My brother is autistic too. A lot of people don’t know there’s a lot of severity in autism.

  42. Lu Cheng

    Lu Cheng

    Day ago

    Aww his son is adorable!!! 🥰

  43. Aleeshays squad

    Aleeshays squad

    Day ago

    Your son made me happy by his beautiful smile

  44. Maayan Shiff

    Maayan Shiff

    Day ago

    My birthday is on may 26!

  45. Reinaert Games

    Reinaert Games

    Day ago

    I have autisme too and i am happy that im not the only one

  46. Gio Acuna

    Gio Acuna

    Day ago

    What a amazing boy

  47. Toby Atkinson

    Toby Atkinson

    Day ago

    He is awsone

  48. The communist Owl

    The communist Owl

    Day ago

    You dropped this btw 👑

  49. Will Parker

    Will Parker

    2 days ago

    just thank you

  50. Donkeykong 83

    Donkeykong 83

    2 days ago

    I feel really bad and if someone made of marks son i would be sad

  51. Doug Davidson

    Doug Davidson

    2 days ago

    "I love you kiddo. I love you Papa" Makes me cry everytime.

  52. Avery coolman

    Avery coolman

    2 days ago

    Handicap is an offensive term but that’s just my opinion

  53. Gamerkid


    2 days ago


  54. Seth Vermeer

    Seth Vermeer

    2 days ago

    I have cerebral palsy

  55. Alaskan Grandma

    Alaskan Grandma

    2 days ago

    this video made me happy

    • quickplayerhappyerthanmeandmyself


      13 hours ago

      @R E N S ok rude guy

    • R E N S

      R E N S

      18 hours ago

      @quickplayerhappyerthanmeandmyself shut up

    • quickplayerhappyerthanmeandmyself


      2 days ago

      Yo that's rude. Take it back.



    2 days ago

    Dude amen 🙏

  57. vxbezz


    2 days ago

    I I stand all of this because my brother has wolf Hirschhorn syndrome which only 1 in 50,000 people have he worked So hard to get Wheres he’s at he can talk like 2 or 3 words at one time he walk normally and I am just so so proud of his progress!

  58. Austin Ford

    Austin Ford

    2 days ago

    Mark you have made my day time and time again and this video just proves why you are my one of my favorite USgoners P.S. you and your son are the best dynamic duo

  59. Carl Dumont

    Carl Dumont

    2 days ago

    I've never seen a video with so much love in it!!!

  60. RETARTED king

    RETARTED king

    2 days ago

    i hope u cool

  61. RETARTED king

    RETARTED king

    2 days ago

    that cool

  62. Aarav Srivastava

    Aarav Srivastava

    2 days ago

    this video almost made me cry

  63. Triforce gaming

    Triforce gaming

    2 days ago

    This video really touches me because I have a cousin that is Also on the autistic spectrum



    2 days ago

    Mark you are the best dad I've ever seen I didn't have a dad growing up but I'm glad that your son does ❤️

  65. Karma Aguilar

    Karma Aguilar

    2 days ago

    I have autism myself kit is really hard to be in the work with all the people bullying us

  66. Temitope Akinriyibi

    Temitope Akinriyibi

    2 days ago

    I have adhd

    • XZenoRaptor


      10 hours ago

      @Mystery They have some similarities. I have ADHD as well.

    • Mystery


      Day ago

      That’s nothing compared to being autistic

  67. Jack Duncan

    Jack Duncan

    2 days ago

    The picture in the video of ur son with the blue rabbit I have that rabbit

  68. Godman 108

    Godman 108

    2 days ago

    this made my day

  69. Dana Laureano

    Dana Laureano

    2 days ago

    Well I'm crying. This was beautiful. Thanks from special needs mom

  70. Rocket bucky

    Rocket bucky

    2 days ago

    If anybody on USgone has had an impact on the world it is mark Rober. I respect you so much

    • G


      9 hours ago

      Respect *more*

  71. gigi namundjebo

    gigi namundjebo

    2 days ago

    I'm 3 months late but your son is my BFF and I migt school with children with antisum but i care about them and i go to the antisum area of my school and I take care of atistic children like your son

  72. Not A Person

    Not A Person

    2 days ago

    Mark Rober Be Careful About Your Son I'm Coming Over ;)

    • Rhys Luff

      Rhys Luff

      Day ago


    • Birbo


      2 days ago

      wait what

  73. ruffy


    2 days ago

    Hey look down here Read more

  74. Cayson Fl

    Cayson Fl

    2 days ago

    My younger cousin she is very young she sadly has autism and I was with her one day she was on USgone she saw this and she does not feel bad anymore about herself thanks Mark ur the best

  75. Zenitsu


    2 days ago


  76. Megatron_LP


    2 days ago

    me and my Brother are also having Autism, sadly we don't come along so well...

  77. Lukybrosahil 10

    Lukybrosahil 10

    2 days ago

    He is smart I could not know what day it is tomorrow

  78. armoracia


    2 days ago

    4:12 Why on earth did she throw the dog like that!! :( It's a living being, not a toy!!

  79. Garchomp gaming2 van der Graaf

    Garchomp gaming2 van der Graaf

    2 days ago

    I have autisme two

  80. Catherine Rodriguez

    Catherine Rodriguez

    2 days ago

    Your son is funny

  81. Isaiah Gibbs

    Isaiah Gibbs

    2 days ago

    I don’t judge autistic people and they are very unique to me because they make me laugh and they make me happier.

  82. Mark J Philip

    Mark J Philip

    2 days ago

    this is the best video I have watched on your channel

  83. Ama Mensah

    Ama Mensah

    2 days ago

    His smile is so precious. ❤️❤️makes me happy too. He has a beautiful personality

  84. SquilloTrio


    2 days ago

    I had to hold in my tears

  85. Carter Blanchard

    Carter Blanchard

    3 days ago

    this made me smile 😃 and your son is funny

  86. Jake


    3 days ago

    i love his luagh

  87. Sfs Gamer K

    Sfs Gamer K

    3 days ago

    Mark:He won't be the first person on Mars Elon Musk: Hold my Beer

  88. Dino nuggets 45

    Dino nuggets 45

    3 days ago

    I did not even now you had a kid

  89. AJ breitung

    AJ breitung

    3 days ago

    I have a lot of respect for Mark rober, for all the great videos he has done. Its amazing how you are teaching us more about Autism, and that is awsome because I get to learn and do my best to understand. Thank you

  90. KingAnimations


    3 days ago

    My mom works with kids with autism

  91. jorge plays

    jorge plays

    3 days ago

    7:47 I was about to cry like you did

  92. Alexandru PETROVICI

    Alexandru PETROVICI

    3 days ago

    This made me cry for the 3th time or something

  93. W D

    W D

    3 days ago

    Hes immortal considering how much he laughs

  94. Amy and Annaleise

    Amy and Annaleise

    3 days ago

    You sons smile is so cute and sweet

  95. heakhaek


    3 days ago

    This feels very strange because I am actually fall under the autistic criteria myself.

  96. Keira Jeanneret

    Keira Jeanneret

    3 days ago

    This has made my day! I never really understood autism. And now I have a better understanding

    • Magellanic


      Day ago

      @Rhys Luff you have tons of alt accounts just for making people upset. that's just not something mentally healthy people do

    • Rhys Luff

      Rhys Luff

      Day ago

      @Magellanic I'm doing just fine bro, but I don't respect scammers.

    • Magellanic


      Day ago

      @Rhys Luff okay, after seeing how many alt accounts you have, i have to ask... is everything okay? genuinely, do you need someone to talk to?

    • Rhys Luff

      Rhys Luff

      Day ago

      Mark Robers son rotting in the bin

    • Magellanic


      2 days ago

      @Sephirox the color orange is named after the orange fruit, which is named after the orange tree it grows on

  97. Maren Poynter

    Maren Poynter

    3 days ago

    "He wont be the first person on mars" Elon Musk: "We'll see about that"

  98. Mike 79

    Mike 79

    3 days ago

    My daughter was just diagnosed with autism last month and seeing this video broke me down to tears. What a great testimonial. I can't thank you enough for posting this. It just shows that we are not alone and let's us know that our baby girl can have a great life just like everyone else. Dude, you have a subscriber for life!