Stealing Baseball Signs with a Phone (Machine Learning)


  1. Lukegang


    9 hours ago

    I wonder how many people are here talking about the Astros

  2. Phoenix Willis

    Phoenix Willis

    Day ago

    Ahem how much

  3. KB4 Zod

    KB4 Zod

    Day ago

    I absolutely love your channel brother. The more of your videos I watch, the more they solidify my belief that knowledge combined with the ability to apply the knowledge is most definitely a real world equivalent to super powers.

  4. Jacob


    2 days ago


  5. N DTK

    N DTK

    3 days ago

    in my country doesnt even play baseball :/

  6. Bdawg 910

    Bdawg 910

    3 days ago

    *The Housten Astros would like to know your location* Edit: someone else wrote the exact same thing

  7. YaminVirus [GD]

    YaminVirus [GD]

    3 days ago

    At 9:51, it sounds like the Minecraft select noise.

  8. Weird stuff found here Gaming

    Weird stuff found here Gaming

    3 days ago

    I love your videos

  9. _ Slyer

    _ Slyer

    3 days ago

    Glib glob glab... I dont know what to comment

  10. JerseyMet


    3 days ago

    *The Houston Astros would like to know your location*

    • JerseyMet


      Day ago

      @Bdawg 910 hahaha it's such an easy joke to make quite frankly lol

    • Bdawg 910

      Bdawg 910

      3 days ago

      Literally just realized i wrote the exact same thing 😂

  11. normal dog

    normal dog

    3 days ago

    The Astros watching this like 📝📝📝

  12. Adler Joseph Albert

    Adler Joseph Albert

    4 days ago

    Mark Rober? more like Mark Robber

  13. ColoEng


    4 days ago

    what is the app called

  14. Caleb Brewer

    Caleb Brewer

    5 days ago

    I guessed bill of hat to ear I play baseball

  15. Haydes


    6 days ago

    10:33 that’s some awful trigger discipline

  16. Peter


    6 days ago

    In the subtitles, one time when he says but, it misspells it.

  17. R0CKY


    8 days ago

    Teams have different signs bro bro

  18. Bebe zool

    Bebe zool

    8 days ago


  19. dark vader383

    dark vader383

    9 days ago

    I'm here for the kid screaming. Figuring out how to make that my ringtone.

  20. Brendan Maffei

    Brendan Maffei

    9 days ago

    Walmart Myles Garrett

  21. Saleel Gaidhani

    Saleel Gaidhani

    9 days ago

    Kids vs Adults is next level to Boys vs Girls😂👍

  22. Toon


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  23. Kortex 101

    Kortex 101

    9 days ago

    10:20 if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball

  24. Kar


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  25. Daymao Silva

    Daymao Silva

    10 days ago

    Jabrils a G!

  26. Max and Easton

    Max and Easton

    10 days ago

    Mark you let the Astros win the World Series beacause of you but It is a smart idea

  27. Blake McGlothlin

    Blake McGlothlin

    11 days ago

    This is so freaking cool

  28. MDCS


    11 days ago

    You know this works except for the fact that a lot of times the runners will not be paying attention and will miss the signs

  29. Avi


    11 days ago

    Mark: so it causes some simple math to occur Me: are sure that’s simple?

  30. Trench_kidZay


    11 days ago

    Don’t give the astros any ideas

  31. Annie Fam

    Annie Fam

    12 days ago

    When little Timmy comes Mark looks very lost

  32. Jordan Sussman

    Jordan Sussman

    13 days ago

    What’s the app called

  33. Tina Nguyen

    Tina Nguyen

    13 days ago

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    Tina Nguyen

    13 days ago

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  35. xLegendMC


    13 days ago

    9:40 The Fact That He Used Minecraft Sounds



    14 days ago

    10:18. Wow, your brain also needs to learn how to glue new stuff

  37. Refreshing Development

    Refreshing Development

    14 days ago

    They just use the Macarena in Latin America

  38. Maddie Schryer

    Maddie Schryer

    15 days ago

    you should make like a Mark Rober 2.0 and break down all the science

  39. Ricky Gardner

    Ricky Gardner

    16 days ago

    Yeah, but was the kid who stole at the beginning of the video safe or out?



    18 days ago

    Besides the signs being different is obvious that there different signs you just need to learn patterns

  41. Lil_56_wiese


    18 days ago

    3:19 was a bock

  42. ZyL0GoaT


    20 days ago

    The Astros will like this

  43. K Channel

    K Channel

    20 days ago

    give me the app

  44. Yoel Amanuel

    Yoel Amanuel

    20 days ago

    i thought i was a genius, i will try coding then

  45. Allen 'The Answer' Iverson

    Allen 'The Answer' Iverson

    22 days ago


  46. Lavonia Lauri

    Lavonia Lauri

    22 days ago

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  47. Eli Britt

    Eli Britt

    22 days ago

    My team uses wristbands

  48. Lavonia Lauri

    Lavonia Lauri

    23 days ago

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  49. AJ and Jea

    AJ and Jea

    23 days ago

    What is the called

  50. Paul Valley

    Paul Valley

    23 days ago

    I'm going to show this to my grandson who is thirteen but wants to learn coding.

    • Paul Valley

      Paul Valley

      23 days ago

      He was staying overnight. When I showed him he said: "Oh I've seen this already, they could decode and predict in three signs". 🤷‍♂️ So much for Grandpa trying to teach him a new trick!

  51. Nozewtf


    23 days ago

    Astros here

  52. John Smith

    John Smith

    23 days ago

    3:18 Total balk!

  53. Justin Gray

    Justin Gray

    23 days ago

    Astros are typing…

  54. Rick Rolled•-•

    Rick Rolled•-•

    24 days ago

    I cracked the first one easy

  55. Charlie


    25 days ago

    Hat touch twice

    • Charlie


      25 days ago

      Oh nvm

  56. Cole Joseph

    Cole Joseph

    25 days ago

    On my team we use a indicator and an amount of times we touch a arm, leg, etc. how would you figure that out?

  57. Lisa Nicolaou

    Lisa Nicolaou

    26 days ago

    Astros in chat...

  58. Colleen Moody

    Colleen Moody

    26 days ago


  59. BirdDogVideos


    26 days ago

    that cup idea is GENIUS

  60. The 3 Cool Beans

    The 3 Cool Beans

    27 days ago

    The astros are gonna use this

  61. Darth Bricks

    Darth Bricks

    27 days ago

    He’s going

  62. Big Shot Bob

    Big Shot Bob

    27 days ago

    The Astros watched this

  63. Cleta Austin

    Cleta Austin

    28 days ago

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    CJ Allee

    28 days ago

    I think the astros got the app

  65. xxkush_


    28 days ago

    Plot twist the astros coded this app

  66. Esteban Lopez

    Esteban Lopez

    28 days ago

    Astros be like: 😮📝 I’m listening

  67. Sean S

    Sean S

    28 days ago

    1 part of the video why was he talking like that

  68. Young Harp

    Young Harp

    29 days ago

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  69. Nicholas S

    Nicholas S

    Month ago

    That’s what I do at first base except I do it in my head

  70. That’s Amazing : Mason

    That’s Amazing : Mason

    Month ago

    No Kids rule adult drool

  71. Cameron Wachtel

    Cameron Wachtel

    Month ago

    I actually got it

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    The star Brawler

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    trdfgh fgdr

    Month ago

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  74. Ethan Bradley

    Ethan Bradley

    Month ago

    lol 10:06 he has his rocket golf club

  75. Ttv _ Lbschlaud

    Ttv _ Lbschlaud

    Month ago

    Love this

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    Month ago

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    Abran Arellanes

    Month ago

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  78. FINNY


    Month ago

    For me when you pat your head that means cancel.

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  80. Suzanne Muntz

    Suzanne Muntz

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  81. Suzanne Muntz

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    Yathien Thai

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    Shannon Blucas

    Month ago

    Astros be like everybody take notes know take NOTES!

  84. Waho


    Month ago

    I remember this video coming out a year ago and it kinda scares me that it’s already been a whole year but it doesn’t feel like it-

  85. Baseball Bombers

    Baseball Bombers

    Month ago

    It’s like dna code and trying to find the cause for diseases



    Month ago

    Wow what a smart computer

  87. ali davenport

    ali davenport

    Month ago

    Don’t be mean to the kids.

  88. any help

    any help

    Month ago

    Me watching this video ,who doesn't knows a bit of baseball

  89. Jacob Williamson

    Jacob Williamson

    Month ago

    3:18 that’s a balk

  90. Liam’s world

    Liam’s world

    Month ago

    Shhh don’t let the astros find out

  91. John Stress

    John Stress

    Month ago

    Astros be like going when the pitcher is not throwing the ball yet

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    masonmoss _

    Month ago

    Caugh caugh caugh astros

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    Niko Rosario

    Month ago

    I know how to play baseball I play baseball

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    Luke S.

    Month ago

    The astros have watched this video 100 times 😂

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    Month ago

    This is so awesome

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    Jacob Kobrin

    Month ago

    Astros have entered the chat

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    Alpha Clash

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    Month ago

    10:21 He gotta gun!

  100. Clutch kid

    Clutch kid

    Month ago

    Mark: “adults rule kids drool Me: “saddness”