Shark vs. GoPro

We investigated some shark myths like why do Sharks attack GoPros.
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  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    11 days ago

    Once again I survived... even with all my limbs intact which honestly feels like a bonus at this point. Thanks for watching.

    • cuteduplon


      8 days ago


    • Robloxdev123


      10 days ago


    • Sunderman Family

      Sunderman Family

      11 days ago

      Ur so cool

    • Mahadev Kanodia

      Mahadev Kanodia

      11 days ago


    • Fantastic Animations // Marshy

      Fantastic Animations // Marshy

      11 days ago

      omg hi

  2. FIZ


    3 hours ago

    Is the stuff you threw in the water is it bad for the sharks if they were to eat it???



    4 hours ago

    Nice pvz music

  4. barack yip

    barack yip

    4 hours ago

    he built a torpedo

  5. Dragolectron


    4 hours ago

    Here is how I believe that the video would have gone if the go pro was eaten: So in today's video, we'll be studying the biology of sharks by using a real life experiment, rather than a simulation or a scetch. Or if someone's crazy enough: In today's video we'll be seeing if a shark can survive in space.

  6. David Loyd

    David Loyd

    6 hours ago

    Just noticed that Mark's next video on this channel will be the 100th video. I hope he's got something EPIC planned for it!

  7. Cyber Turtle Gaming

    Cyber Turtle Gaming

    7 hours ago

    While testing if the sharks followed the Go-Pros they all were wearing Go-Pros on their heads as well.

  8. Emily Chen

    Emily Chen

    7 hours ago

    phat gus peeping in at 1:20

  9. Jeppknappen


    7 hours ago

    To be honest he scored a point, by the shark appearing in a Mark Rober video.

  10. *papyrus plant intensifies*

    *papyrus plant intensifies*

    7 hours ago


  11. Chelle Parker

    Chelle Parker

    7 hours ago


  12. Nicholas Green

    Nicholas Green

    8 hours ago


  13. Nathan Oud

    Nathan Oud

    8 hours ago

    make up your mind mark

  14. Nathan Oud

    Nathan Oud

    8 hours ago

    bruh hes changed the title 3 times lol

  15. bingus


    8 hours ago

    Possible Subnautica refrence??

  16. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    8 hours ago

    Woah That's awesome

  17. DragonSpirit


    8 hours ago

    Idk if you noticed, but Mark is at his 99th video

  18. xingyu chen

    xingyu chen

    9 hours ago

    when the title goes from "why sharks attack go pros", to "shark vs 21 go pros", to "shark vs go pro"

  19. Caleb Hong

    Caleb Hong

    9 hours ago


  20. Karp


    9 hours ago

    The acoustic literature contrarily attach because opera endoscopically scold apropos a second-hand jeans. unsightly, ambitious fertilizer

  21. Zero_fishy8


    10 hours ago

    Can u upload. A bit more please. Bc ur videos have made me watch them all and also it's learning me about the planet

  22. Adam Krol

    Adam Krol

    10 hours ago

    anyone else hear the pvz roof music at 10:50

  23. lps kelly16677748

    lps kelly16677748

    11 hours ago

    1:37 to my its aaa funny

  24. Wesley Wilson

    Wesley Wilson

    11 hours ago

    i seen the blood and human blood on exspedition :)

  25. Charlie Heuer

    Charlie Heuer

    11 hours ago


  26. Liam Smith

    Liam Smith

    11 hours ago

    Anyone else trying to find that bioluminescence substance thing online????

  27. The Trimp Lads I Dragos

    The Trimp Lads I Dragos

    11 hours ago

    Lets just apreciate that he used pvz music

  28. Akshay Singal

    Akshay Singal

    12 hours ago

    15:00 OMG! the cameraman is recording this deep he does a lot of work in these vids

  29. GONZALO bava rebufello

    GONZALO bava rebufello

    12 hours ago

    Mark Rober: *exists* Discovery: GO DO THIS TO THE SHARKS

  30. let'sgoluke


    12 hours ago

    Hey Mark I have a video suggestion could u show us please how the jurassic Park robot dinos worked (p.s luv ur vids)

  31. Dwayne Julien

    Dwayne Julien

    12 hours ago

    Is inside my belly glowing now ?

  32. Dwayne Julien

    Dwayne Julien

    13 hours ago

    Mate 1:32

  33. Useless


    13 hours ago

    I would love to swim with sharks

  34. Adithya Arul

    Adithya Arul

    13 hours ago

    More pls

  35. serry ciok

    serry ciok

    13 hours ago

    After i heard that song my memories from plants vs zombies came back

  36. Limbo


    13 hours ago

    Love the plants vs zombies background music in your newest videos

  37. let'sgoluke


    13 hours ago

    Hey Mark just wanna Say that u are the best youtuber in the world

  38. Swagger Link

    Swagger Link

    14 hours ago

    Don't worry, I'm definitely not liking this video just because Noah Schnapp is in it.

  39. Dodo iosebidze

    Dodo iosebidze

    14 hours ago

    i like when you added a stranger things music

  40. J'Nya Been

    J'Nya Been

    15 hours ago

    Bermuda triangle is what I live in so I think it's ok.

  41. Q젤지


    15 hours ago

    Mark Rober: For our next video, it's Noah's turn to give us a tour to the Upside Down.

  42. Wilbur Ethan

    Wilbur Ethan

    17 hours ago

    fun fact:this video's title has been changed 3x

  43. Darko Markovic

    Darko Markovic

    17 hours ago

    Oh but sharks love gopro 8 not 9 that's where you were wrong

  44. Shark Wsu

    Shark Wsu

    18 hours ago

    next video mark makes will be his 100th video

  45. Matteo Lisi

    Matteo Lisi

    18 hours ago

    The biolume looked like chicken nuggets

  46. Maricel Binamera

    Maricel Binamera

    20 hours ago


  47. Help Me Get To 1k Subs With Just 3 Videos!

    Help Me Get To 1k Subs With Just 3 Videos!

    20 hours ago

    It's all fun and games until a shark breaks the window of the submarine.

  48. Marshall Smith

    Marshall Smith

    20 hours ago

    The production quality of this video is absolutely insane, I would do anything for an experience like this

  49. marcellus aditya

    marcellus aditya

    20 hours ago

    what's 9 + 10 5:52

  50. Denis Tan

    Denis Tan

    21 hour ago

    Remember the title was called shark vs 21 GoPro

  51. brotherplayzgaming


    22 hours ago

    Can you meet Elon musk for next vid plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  52. The Langster

    The Langster

    22 hours ago

    Mark teaches us so many things. These are engineering, world protection, NASA, and of course how to make bloody fish smoothie. This is the best channel on youtube.

  53. 8C - Thinura Bandara

    8C - Thinura Bandara

    22 hours ago

    can you make a smaller version of the mars rover

  54. TSP weebTM

    TSP weebTM

    22 hours ago

    Imagine this dude being your grandpa, and telling you all sorts of unimaginable stories...

  55. Xila


    22 hours ago

    Music reminds me of plants vs zombies

  56. Vortex Demon

    Vortex Demon

    22 hours ago

    Sharks might even take over of his channel

  57. Skyler Defazio

    Skyler Defazio

    22 hours ago

    mark is such a goat

  58. exyij gfft

    exyij gfft

    Day ago


  59. Nezuko oh oh

    Nezuko oh oh

    Day ago

    This video is a miracle and love the stranger things backup.

  60. B WORLD


    Day ago

    People in the background: What do he be doin here?

  61. Sofia Flowers

    Sofia Flowers

    Day ago

    Nowa frikin shnAp -Mark Robert 2021

  62. nPhlames


    Day ago

    the part with the glow stuff must look a lot cooler in person where there's no compression

  63. A R

    A R

    Day ago

    After this video am gone to buy one Pro Q, do you

  64. YOtheDO


    Day ago

    16.03 is that a human scuba diver in the reflection?

  65. ModiPlex


    Day ago

    Your 100th Video Is Next, I'm so excited! You should Celebrate! Comment ways to celebrate Mark Rober's 100th Vid down Below!

  66. MrMuffin4397


    Day ago

    10:30 Who else remembers that music from Plants Vs Zombies?

  67. SinBlade


    Day ago

    Mark kinda built lol

  68. 100 Subscribers With No Videos

    100 Subscribers With No Videos

    Day ago

    So interesting keep working hard❤️

  69. Elit3 Art

    Elit3 Art

    Day ago

    Make a ultra safe car and put money inside of it to see if anyone tries to break in you wont 😏

  70. Marcos Villanueva Wright

    Marcos Villanueva Wright

    Day ago

    why did you change the title

  71. chris glover

    chris glover

    Day ago

    LOL 17:24

  72. Mkinney


    Day ago

    Mark a shark cus he jacked

  73. SAMI Simeon

    SAMI Simeon

    Day ago

    U seriously gonna change the thumb nail

  74. Jessica Lawrence

    Jessica Lawrence

    Day ago


  75. Doge


    Day ago


  76. No Internet Connection

    No Internet Connection

    Day ago

    You guys haven’t realize that he’s using plants versus zombies music inside of his own video

  77. LLBDAB


    Day ago

    Next year, swim with Great White Sharks?

  78. Zahirah Mat Roni

    Zahirah Mat Roni

    Day ago

    The warm liquor consistently warn because walrus ordinarily check excluding a willing memory. utter, educated kettledrum

  79. Armp1tTheNormalGuy


    Day ago


  80. UnknownSpud ?

    UnknownSpud ?

    Day ago

    I love me some Plants vs zombies soundtrack. My favorite genre

  81. Inmer Carbajal

    Inmer Carbajal

    Day ago

    I thought the rocks. We're nuggies😭✋

  82. TheYeetaur


    Day ago

    What are those rocks made of? I think I figured out what glow squids are made of.

  83. Moiz Irfan.

    Moiz Irfan.

    Day ago

    Mark rober: we should probably not wear a go pro on our head Mark rober a little time later: wearing a go pro on his head

  84. wPg Runner

    wPg Runner

    Day ago

    5:31 never did I think I'd see an air bubble in a sharks mouth.

  85. bridging to 100

    bridging to 100

    Day ago

    POV you watched this live with me

  86. Nash Jackson

    Nash Jackson

    Day ago

    Marks new catchphrase: “let’s do iiiiiit”

  87. Squirrel ! Was taken :/

    Squirrel ! Was taken :/

    Day ago

    O boi here we go again mark be careful…

  88. Jovan Townsley

    Jovan Townsley

    Day ago

    Mark Rober is Subnautica in a nutshell

  89. Stephan D.

    Stephan D.

    Day ago

    Mark: Let's test if the electric field of a GoPro attracts sharks Also Mark: We should use an electric communication system, while doing so

  90. Mxya


    Day ago

    Mark Rober is the new Google

  91. Elfiz Ziancie

    Elfiz Ziancie

    Day ago

    Ngl I want to swim with a Great Whites now

  92. Jonas Sedig

    Jonas Sedig

    Day ago

    11:28 Bro, I thought it was chicken nuggets😅

  93. Skipper


    Day ago

    We’re gonna need a bigger GoPro

  94. Definitely not a Luka Simp

    Definitely not a Luka Simp

    Day ago

    Not to flex but I kind hugged a shark

  95. billygoat519 Gaming

    billygoat519 Gaming

    Day ago


  96. DUBStep


    Day ago

    I’ve always been jealous that Mark does this stuff. This makes my jealousy 100% more.

  97. ant


    Day ago

    posted on my birthday pog

    • Mr.Goodman


      Day ago

      jul 12 is your birthday?