Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    11 months ago

    Sorry this took awhile. I've got 8 absolute banger videos I'm currently working on through April 2021 but it turns out the Rona slows things down a bit. They will be worth the wait! For updates, follow me on social stuff @MarkRober.

    • Ayden Teaches You

      Ayden Teaches You

      5 days ago

      How are you alive tho

    • Ethan


      16 days ago

      almost died watching

    • Lillie Landels

      Lillie Landels

      26 days ago

      I. Love. your. videos

    • GV - 05JB 845682 Eldorado PS

      GV - 05JB 845682 Eldorado PS

      Month ago

      how yo get that much humun blood

    • Harry Evens

      Harry Evens

      2 months ago

      I subed

  2. PinkPrawn


    Hour ago

    How the heck does he get permission from his wife and kids to do these?

  3. Micah Tumale

    Micah Tumale

    6 hours ago

    You almost died

  4. Keiran 88

    Keiran 88

    14 hours ago

    Start is among us

  5. Sahre Davis

    Sahre Davis

    15 hours ago


  6. Dota Awesome Plays

    Dota Awesome Plays

    18 hours ago

    But the way he throws the fish tho

  7. John Luka Karbony

    John Luka Karbony

    Day ago

    How did you get carona and how do you own a plane

  8. Sooyaa


    Day ago

    Who's blood u took 😵😵

    • Ransom Ha

      Ransom Ha

      10 hours ago

      his own

  9. Spailon


    Day ago


  10. Bread


    Day ago


  11. Zara Alysha

    Zara Alysha

    Day ago

    When the shark is in the cage I said to myself I regret clink this video you scared me ok Mark : swimming with 60 shark Me: touch something in the beach instant panic 🙃

  12. {-mushroomz.x-}


    2 days ago

    Wait……. Where did he get the blood from!? 0x0



    2 days ago

    Youd be safe if u designed a underwater gun

  14. Swapnil Wath

    Swapnil Wath

    2 days ago

    Your so brave

  15. Macias712


    2 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that he almost died TWICE!

  16. Steelgearmonkey


    2 days ago

    Or you could just search it up

  17. Nico Ridenbaugh

    Nico Ridenbaugh

    2 days ago

    i want him to do one with dude perfect or if he has another one

  18. Jay’s Drawings

    Jay’s Drawings

    2 days ago

    Mark is blending fish meanwhile these fish in heaven are mortified and offended.

  19. Stella The Space Star

    Stella The Space Star

    2 days ago


  20. Kädęn


    2 days ago

    Where did u get that homan blood

  21. LunaMoon


    2 days ago

    U okay dood?

  22. Azra Tilki

    Azra Tilki

    2 days ago

    Were ya get that HUMAN BLOOD !?!?!

  23. Nick Smith

    Nick Smith

    2 days ago

    you must of been terofide in the cage with sharks

  24. hank .J wimbleton

    hank .J wimbleton

    2 days ago

    What lol sharks

  25. XV Friday

    XV Friday

    3 days ago

    I know this is a late comment but I've only just seen this, bro this video gave me anxiety attacks

  26. boris mirkovic

    boris mirkovic

    3 days ago

    Better question how did u get human blood

  27. Joann Sy

    Joann Sy

    3 days ago

    I msg sorry for you

  28. Shay Lynn

    Shay Lynn

    3 days ago

    Idk why I’m watching this sharks are my biggest fear

  29. Jayr Figueroa

    Jayr Figueroa

    3 days ago


  30. Jayr Figueroa

    Jayr Figueroa

    3 days ago


  31. Wilbur-tuxsoot


    3 days ago

    The forbidden ketchup

  32. Penny Tarman

    Penny Tarman

    3 days ago

    OMG I was so scared 🤣🤣🤣 but I'm so so happy he survived holy moly 😅😅 but those sharks were big big if I was in that situation I would not survive like 😂

  33. Julie Francisco

    Julie Francisco

    3 days ago


  34. ME


    3 days ago

    this is when he stopped uploading...

  35. Phyllis


    3 days ago

    The real question is how he got the blood

  36. Mart Allan L. Brul

    Mart Allan L. Brul

    3 days ago

    First thing when a shark cant eat people so they eat fishes when they eat fishes for about lot of days they about to be like fishes

  37. The Langster

    The Langster

    3 days ago

    Mark: makes videos about the environment. Also Mark: Blending fish.

  38. CorruptDev


    3 days ago

    Me and the boys casually blending a fish

  39. Dalan Hiett

    Dalan Hiett

    3 days ago


  40. idkyoutellme7


    4 days ago

    What a task he decided to take on

  41. Isolated Besties

    Isolated Besties

    4 days ago

    “It’s hard to find human blood legally” Me:then do it illegally- I-I mean yeah let’s use cow blood

  42. P Muhammad Haider

    P Muhammad Haider

    4 days ago

    Mark: throws a dead fish Fish: that was my sister

  43. adislayerforlife


    4 days ago

    ok wow u are brave

  44. Marlito Rotoni

    Marlito Rotoni

    4 days ago

    OMG What 🦈🦈🦈😨

  45. Mitten_god666YT


    4 days ago

    👈“I got blood” oh no- wait it’s just your blood and how on earth are still alive it’s fish blood 👇

  46. omar 55ev

    omar 55ev

    4 days ago

    dude perfect

  47. Relax-Sleep-Meditate


    4 days ago

    And Mr beast

  48. Relax-Sleep-Meditate


    4 days ago

    Is that dudeperfect

  49. Mahmood Iftikhaar Lopez Mohammed

    Mahmood Iftikhaar Lopez Mohammed

    4 days ago

    But how you get the human blood

  50. HaZZa_2011


    4 days ago

    How does but how does you have human blood HOW DO YOU HAVE THAT MUCH HUMAN BLOOD WHAT THE I I I WHAT

  51. Joseph Russo

    Joseph Russo

    4 days ago

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  52. Zakaria Challal

    Zakaria Challal

    4 days ago

    plot twist : sharks knew about the experiment and played along so that you believe they want fish but actually they were just waiting for you to jump into the water

  53. Lisa


    4 days ago

    The world did you put human blood in shark and fish blood in you à and you going in a cage

  54. Jameson Kellogg

    Jameson Kellogg

    4 days ago

    that was scary u almost died

  55. Ranveer Jaipuriyar

    Ranveer Jaipuriyar

    4 days ago

    The Bahama friend sounds Australian.

  56. charlie galvan

    charlie galvan

    4 days ago

    Mark is sus

  57. Anime_ cloud

    Anime_ cloud

    4 days ago

    Oh ok

  58. Anime_ cloud

    Anime_ cloud

    4 days ago

    How did you get that much human bold

  59. Young Joseph12

    Young Joseph12

    5 days ago

    *That vegan teacher has entered the chat*

  60. Maddix Inuhaere

    Maddix Inuhaere

    5 days ago


    • SinisterMr


      4 days ago

      it was cow blood

  61. A. R. B Studios

    A. R. B Studios

    5 days ago


  62. Annette Snyder

    Annette Snyder

    5 days ago

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  63. Glen Birdsell

    Glen Birdsell

    5 days ago

    Every one else: OMG A SHARK GET OUT OF THE WATER Me on my yearly vacation in the shark bite capital of the world being closer than 15 feet from a shark once a day without knowing it: Having the time of my life. =)

  64. Wadson Damis

    Wadson Damis

    5 days ago

    yea I should watch the video before Comenneting

  65. Bang Si Hyuk

    Bang Si Hyuk

    5 days ago

    7:30 I was questioning how you'd get 5 gallons of human blood, this cleared it up

  66. BenjProductions


    5 days ago


  67. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike

    5 days ago

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  68. Leonardo 😎

    Leonardo 😎

    5 days ago

    cooler than anything else

  69. nimmy 456

    nimmy 456

    5 days ago

    Omg😅😅😩😩my mom is positive for 10day so

  70. yunfeng zhao

    yunfeng zhao

    5 days ago

    me after watching this: Mom can we buy some cow blood

  71. Squirrel ! Was taken :/

    Squirrel ! Was taken :/

    5 days ago

    If u don’t find those kitties cute UR A MONSTER

  72. SVenables97


    5 days ago

    Anyone know the background music at 10:00?

    • DJ Gacha

      DJ Gacha

      3 days ago

      Arrow(Instrumental)By Andrew applepie

  73. Miguel Buhatin

    Miguel Buhatin

    5 days ago

    Dude perfect is here

  74. Luffy Gear 4th bounce man

    Luffy Gear 4th bounce man

    6 days ago

    How would you get 5 gallons of human blood

  75. Max Benoit

    Max Benoit

    6 days ago

    Super cooooolll

  76. Collin Guobraeth

    Collin Guobraeth

    6 days ago

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  77. Not_a_meme No

    Not_a_meme No

    6 days ago

    Mark: says same stuff that I would never understand in my whole entire life* Me:yup totally :)

  78. Janielle Mendoza

    Janielle Mendoza

    6 days ago


  79. Louise Kroscher

    Louise Kroscher

    6 days ago

    When I heard there were 40 cats at the hotel: PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THIS IS

  80. Daniel Duan

    Daniel Duan

    6 days ago

    I can't believe Mark is going to space

  81. Lara Shania Kirsch

    Lara Shania Kirsch

    6 days ago

    Thank you, I will now never drink a smoothie again.

  82. Robert Breckenridge

    Robert Breckenridge

    6 days ago

    human blood?

  83. Juicy Apple

    Juicy Apple

    6 days ago

    We’re did get is

  84. hallow


    6 days ago


  85. ray wells

    ray wells

    6 days ago

    omg how do you do that...omg

  86. khaled alhosani

    khaled alhosani

    6 days ago

    Omg this is S risker then a pencil

  87. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

    6 days ago

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    6 days ago


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    6 days ago


  92. ZEXERT


    6 days ago

    The real question is did you use the fish meat?

  93. D`eandre Williams

    D`eandre Williams

    6 days ago

    I forgot this wasn't a movie 🤣😂🤣🤣

  94. Gerald Wagner

    Gerald Wagner

    6 days ago

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  95. Monkey Mike

    Monkey Mike

    7 days ago

    I wish you don't do it again ._.

  96. phyu khine

    phyu khine

    7 days ago

    How’d you get human blood

  97. Liam Schafer

    Liam Schafer

    7 days ago

    DID YOU GET HURT????????????????????

  98. Mal Lol

    Mal Lol

    7 days ago


  99. Amia Tanner

    Amia Tanner

    7 days ago

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  100. Saengnirun Jitjan

    Saengnirun Jitjan

    7 days ago

    is scary 😦