Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS


  1. Lakisha Wright

    Lakisha Wright

    12 hours ago

    Foreshadowing :)

  2. LDiablo


    17 hours ago

    He’s fricking Sherlock homes

  3. Adrian


    Day ago

    /-*please give me Rocket Powered Golf Club vs Bryson DeChambeau

  4. -Nara-ASMR-


    Day ago

    alright, i'm gonna say it, i'm just gonna say what i know we're all thinking phineas and ferb

  5. Jeremy Brown

    Jeremy Brown

    Day ago

    Awesome!!!!!! Now you need to start designing golf courses for rocket powered and robotic golfers, and or club swingers.??

  6. Thomas Rush

    Thomas Rush

    2 days ago

    fails, not learning opportunity

  7. TRP_Gaming


    2 days ago

    Next time Mark should make a camera on the one side if the camera

  8. Jayashri Anand

    Jayashri Anand

    3 days ago

    0:43 LOL

  9. Connor Deppe

    Connor Deppe

    3 days ago

    U should do this with a gc quad

  10. Aneesh Kumar

    Aneesh Kumar

    3 days ago

    I want to see a showdown between this and Stuff Made Here's bullet powered baseball bat!!

  11. 57JimboSlice


    3 days ago

    i want to see the numbers on GC quad, this is cool but kind unsatisfying

  12. HEXX


    4 days ago

    should have put a gps in the ball

  13. Henry_vlogz


    4 days ago

    Breaking news: ISS finds golf ball in orbit

  14. Anthony Jose Delgado

    Anthony Jose Delgado

    4 days ago

    8:36 that is thor throwing his hammer lol

  15. Zane H

    Zane H

    5 days ago

    Mark turn up at the ER dept, Sir how did you manage to get a gold club head embedded in your butt, well, it's a long story 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. 乂_er0_Ψ


    5 days ago

    Wait! What if you made a DIY golf club but that golf club had a GPS tracker attached inside of it. And around it could be another layer of protection and maybe foam around the tracker so it doesn't break. So then you could track where it went to see how far it went and possibly find a way to find how high it went! -乂_er0_Ψ

  17. Witch


    5 days ago

    12:45 if you need to cut this watermelon, but you haven't got a knife, you could just build a rocket golf club

  18. Art for kids: Begginer

    Art for kids: Begginer

    6 days ago

    i was about to say that i did not think u neaded the net then that shot off

  19. Toby Dent

    Toby Dent

    6 days ago

    The ancient world woud have loved this for there slings.

  20. Peter Draper

    Peter Draper

    6 days ago

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  21. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    6 days ago

    No seriously, what does he have against watermelons?

  22. James Mott

    James Mott

    7 days ago


  23. James Mott

    James Mott

    7 days ago

    what does FTK mean

  24. TylersTears


    7 days ago

    i’d love to see mark rober and stuff made here to come and do a big project

  25. Marc Rover

    Marc Rover

    8 days ago

    How high a ball can bounce? it's likely the acceleration of recompression (after compression.) I'm sure this is proportional to the pressure/circumference. Actually makes me wonder though: if you had a ball, and you could compress it only 5 mm's by dropping it out of your hand, what if it recompressed at the speed of light? How high would it go? Lol.

  26. DOD


    9 days ago

    10000 years from now and life on other planets exist : hey what’s that white ball coming at m- *loud screams of pain*

  27. Nick Todd

    Nick Todd

    10 days ago

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    10 days ago

    12:51 :when you ask your friend what club he uses and he says watermelon

  29. Kelvinuhlman Jamesasson

    Kelvinuhlman Jamesasson

    11 days ago

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  30. Producerplayz


    11 days ago

    Take that thing to topgolf u get it hitting a window

  31. Lacey Quintel

    Lacey Quintel

    11 days ago

    The sound of the glass breaking was so satisfying.

  32. Rabid Koala

    Rabid Koala

    12 days ago

    They should of had customer golf balls with a small tracker inside to see far they would go

  33. XB10001


    12 days ago

    So, you're a golfer and you didn't use a launch monitor to get an approximate launch speed and distance?

  34. Charles Tucker

    Charles Tucker

    13 days ago

    Next time, maybe a Genius ball? You know, so you can find it... Lol

  35. seldabs


    13 days ago

    Bro imagine being his friend Ey buddy so can you help me with a rocket golf club please

  36. Pratham Jain

    Pratham Jain

    14 days ago

    Don't forget that bursting watermelons is the tradition of this channel 😂

  37. Hannah Jacob

    Hannah Jacob

    15 days ago

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  38. Preston Jones

    Preston Jones

    15 days ago

    I’d like to know how far those Golf Balls travelled

    • Diana Kniskern

      Diana Kniskern

      14 days ago

      Probably out of the solar system and they might still be heading to a alien civilization

  39. Shoxaul


    15 days ago

    Shoxaul on YT

  40. ekjohn57


    15 days ago

    Another thing you could have done is make the ball pop straight up. if it was sitting just below the the low point of the club head and popped up after the 9th pass there would be no horizontal movement of the ball

  41. STICK MIN Oh Danm

    STICK MIN Oh Danm

    16 days ago

    1:36 I love this music,but i can't find this music in YT......sad😞

  42. Ray N

    Ray N

    16 days ago

    Did you calculate to speed off the golf club and and probable distance?

  43. Albert Koscielniak

    Albert Koscielniak

    17 days ago

    The SUPER glue looks SUPER dope in slomo.

  44. User EisNünElf

    User EisNünElf

    17 days ago

    ok.. but why?

  45. Jael Põldnurk

    Jael Põldnurk

    18 days ago


  46. Brinda Mcnally

    Brinda Mcnally

    19 days ago

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  47. Christian Rockstar

    Christian Rockstar

    19 days ago

    Awesome videos bro , Keep up , Blessings ☺❤👍

  48. mark brown

    mark brown

    20 days ago

    that was an awesome video mark loving these videos.

  49. ItsHelmet


    21 day ago

    this reminds me of, when you put thrusters onto props in garry's mod lol

  50. Phillip Van Rensburg

    Phillip Van Rensburg

    21 day ago

    when it hit the first ball i realized that youtobe needs n lol emoji hahahahaha insane

  51. Hugo and Skye

    Hugo and Skye

    24 days ago

    I would love you as my science teacher🤩

  52. The epic Cat

    The epic Cat

    24 days ago

    Mark robers war against watermelon

  53. Curtymac7


    24 days ago

    It’s kind of insane that with the premise of the video you didn’t measure how far the balls went. Like I feel like a lot of people clicked on this to see that info lol

  54. Anthony Stark '23

    Anthony Stark '23

    24 days ago

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  55. imasavagegamer


    26 days ago

    also i have played golf for 8 years and that thing would hit a ball from the driving range to the train tracks on the opposite side of the course

  56. imasavagegamer


    26 days ago

    that hilarious

  57. imasavagegamer


    26 days ago


  58. Clemens Fiala

    Clemens Fiala

    27 days ago

    What are friends?

  59. utopia todderson

    utopia todderson

    28 days ago

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  60. Eitherce


    28 days ago

    Is it as far as Happy Gilmore?

  61. ShortyzProductionz


    29 days ago

    You should revisit this and try to track down the balls after they’re shot

  62. Emily Stephen

    Emily Stephen

    Month ago

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  63. Drew C

    Drew C

    Month ago

    Other then the beauty of California, I feel sorry for you living there and the policies Cali holds. I moved away from there bc of their policies and governor Fraud

  64. caitlyntaphorn


    Month ago

    he went to far

  65. earth's ORIGIN

    earth's ORIGIN

    Month ago

  66. NicTacToe


    Month ago

    Who needs ICBMs and missles when u have rocket powered golf balls?

  67. Terri Palmer

    Terri Palmer

    Month ago

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  68. Kurtis Kehoe

    Kurtis Kehoe

    Month ago

    Now this is the kind of stuff that would have me watching golf!

  69. SolaceAndBane


    Month ago

    Why couldn’t you guys just use gcquad or something :( would have been cool to see the numbers on it

  70. Christopher Kirkland

    Christopher Kirkland

    Month ago

    And still doesn't fly as far as Dechambeau's normal drive 😂😂

  71. Mahmut Kerimoğlu

    Mahmut Kerimoğlu

    Month ago

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  72. yuy rite

    yuy rite

    Month ago

    Who’s here from 2021?

  73. Imtiyaz Shah

    Imtiyaz Shah

    Month ago


  74. gfhtr dsfert

    gfhtr dsfert

    Month ago

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  75. Walle


    Month ago

    Could you work out the distance knowing the speed and weight of the ball??

  76. Toby Bratcher

    Toby Bratcher

    Month ago

    I wanted to know how far it went 👎

  77. Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung

    Month ago

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    James King

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  79. Jackson Burbank

    Jackson Burbank

    Month ago

    the nut smasher 9000

  80. Directguy


    Month ago

    Science class: Ok let’s mix vinegar and baking soda. Mark Rober: let’s send a golf ball to Mars.

  81. Directguy


    Month ago

    Mark: Hey Nasa can I have my ball back.

  82. Directguy


    Month ago

    NASA: We send rockets into space! Mark Rober: I send golf balls into space!

  83. Brekke Cicely

    Brekke Cicely

    Month ago

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  84. LM 27

    LM 27

    Month ago

    How did that club not go in earths orbit

  85. Just some bigfoot with internet access

    Just some bigfoot with internet access

    Month ago

    "Yo Mark, thanks for the golf ball, mate." - Just a dude from New York.

  86. Carter Gehmlich

    Carter Gehmlich

    Month ago

    happy gilmore: finally a worthy opponent

  87. Janice Powell

    Janice Powell

    Month ago

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    Luis Serrano

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    Ker Loz

    Month ago

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  90. Spifer


    Month ago

    6:27 so I got a golfing, coincidentally, the video is about golfing sooo.

  91. Cleta Austin

    Cleta Austin

    Month ago

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    Goose Shid

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    jacky mai

    Month ago

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  94. Abhishek Tripathi

    Abhishek Tripathi

    Month ago

    Where do you keep all this stuff after you are done with the videos?

  95. jjebkame


    Month ago

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  96. Cleta Austin

    Cleta Austin

    Month ago

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  97. Geoffrey Willmoth

    Geoffrey Willmoth

    Month ago


    • Geoffrey Willmoth

      Geoffrey Willmoth

      Month ago

      also 12:00

  98. Iss Obama

    Iss Obama

    Month ago

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  99. Kevin K

    Kevin K

    Month ago

    "hi its me mark" that was funny

  100. fgtryf fgrty

    fgtryf fgrty

    Month ago

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