Perseverance Mars Rover Landing- Inside Story


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    5 months ago

    TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED!! WE ARE SAFE ON MARS! Congratulations to @NASA and humanity.

    • Wouter Huysse

      Wouter Huysse

      Month ago

      i dont get it. Why do they transfer co² to o² on mars and not on earth. we do need it more do we? (srry for bad english)

    • Inenvoker


      Month ago

      3 months later i got it on my recomended

    • zhilin He

      zhilin He

      Month ago


    • Zxne ZX

      Zxne ZX

      3 months ago

      here b4 500 replies

    • Bavnoop D

      Bavnoop D

      3 months ago

      @Tomboii123 I’m last

  2. Infinity


    Day ago


  3. Miran Benan Altun

    Miran Benan Altun

    Day ago

    Oh wow that rover is huge. Idk why but I always imagined a RC car sized rover for some reason

  4. JTW


    Day ago

    mark rober and mars rover

  5. Dylan Farrell

    Dylan Farrell

    Day ago

    Ever thought about how Mars rover sounds a lot like Mark Rober

  6. Roseli


    Day ago

    14:50 me officially crying

  7. Samuel Turver-kingston

    Samuel Turver-kingston

    2 days ago

    I love ur vids

  8. Magic World by Jörg Stauch

    Magic World by Jörg Stauch

    2 days ago

    Wow... Thank you...

  9. Carbon Games

    Carbon Games

    2 days ago

    Don’t drones need air to fly

    • Dewa Dewa

      Dewa Dewa

      9 hours ago

      Dude mars has an atmosphere therfore it has air but its very very toxic air

  10. Luke Charters

    Luke Charters

    3 days ago

    Rover looking at drone, buddy Drone looking at rover, buddy! Rover looking back at drone, buddy!! Drone looking back at rover, buddy!!!

  11. Drew Nibbles

    Drew Nibbles

    3 days ago

    Mark rover

  12. Jill Moniz

    Jill Moniz

    3 days ago

    I cried when curiosity and perseverance landed also at the end of this video

  13. Random Entertainment

    Random Entertainment

    3 days ago

    Mark Rober Mark Rover Mars Rover

  14. manhal walker playz gamez

    manhal walker playz gamez

    3 days ago

    I just realized...... Mark rober Mars rover Mind blown🤯🤯🤯

  15. Shishir allu

    Shishir allu

    4 days ago

    Legit tears rolled down the last few minutes

  16. Drake


    5 days ago

    We should send the 47 samples to the ISS. Just to keep the Zombies away.

  17. Krakalen Aragon

    Krakalen Aragon

    5 days ago

    what happened to opportunity landing spot of uncertainty tho

  18. zahra chaudhary

    zahra chaudhary

    5 days ago


  19. ariyana


    5 days ago

    I wonder what will happen when two land rovers collide with each other...

  20. The Canjis

    The Canjis

    6 days ago

    He said he saw a video that said to move Mars

  21. The Canjis

    The Canjis

    6 days ago

    Hey so my cousin said that the plan is to move Mars is that true and why can or can’t you

  22. Definitely not Kokichi ouma !!⚕️

    Definitely not Kokichi ouma !!⚕️

    7 days ago

    finally a plan B when the world ends!

  23. Ayush Narsian

    Ayush Narsian

    7 days ago

    Your videos are amazing mars rover:) My girlfriend broke up with me over that joke but it's worth it


    7 days ago

    I enjoy all your videos. ● I lost my mom to ALS too.

  25. Hayden Parks

    Hayden Parks

    7 days ago

    Mark Rober Mars Rover

  26. anonymous singh

    anonymous singh

    8 days ago

    How am i just discovering this channel? Btw thanks USgone.

  27. jitendra subhash

    jitendra subhash

    8 days ago

    i just got tears at the end..

  28. Margaret Thronson

    Margaret Thronson

    8 days ago

    They should call a rover that goes to Mars mark rover

  29. ImNawtClara


    8 days ago

    Where I live there is an Abandoned NASA space station down a Long Road that takes about 30 minutes to ride down.

  30. levi pinson

    levi pinson

    8 days ago

    Rip robs mom

  31. GhostBurInnnit


    9 days ago

    marks story:i quit my job cuz i wanna do youtube mean while.... mrbeast:he got bulled at nasa

  32. Absorbz


    9 days ago

    not funny joke but, Mars Rover, more like Mark Rober, hehe

  33. Ben Gallo

    Ben Gallo

    9 days ago


  34. zahra chaudhary

    zahra chaudhary

    9 days ago

    I'm sorry u lost your mom.

  35. Jacob Carrizales-Lopez

    Jacob Carrizales-Lopez

    10 days ago

    Mars 25% LIFE!

  36. Jacob Carrizales-Lopez

    Jacob Carrizales-Lopez

    10 days ago

    I know that life and everything

  37. Ascend Cherry

    Ascend Cherry

    10 days ago

    Imagine they named the rover Mark Rover

  38. Nicholas Ostler

    Nicholas Ostler

    10 days ago

    Can you do a video that confirms that the USA really did land on the moon?

  39. Jake Gutierrez

    Jake Gutierrez

    10 days ago

    This is cool stuff 😎

    • Jake Gutierrez

      Jake Gutierrez

      10 days ago

      Just cool stuff

  40. Riyaaz Manual

    Riyaaz Manual

    11 days ago

    How did you go to Feb we all are in july

  41. PhantomStranger


    11 days ago

    You know someone is a genius when they plan a youtube video a year in advance

  42. Jameer The plastic soldier

    Jameer The plastic soldier

    11 days ago

    Fun fact: mark rober used work with NASA as an engineer for 9 years!

  43. Sabrina Eslava

    Sabrina Eslava

    11 days ago

    Not surprised if you got Worlds Greatest Person of the Year ❣️ Your work and lifestyle is admired highly by me since I began watching your videos. Love love love

  44. A Shy Guy (*-*)

    A Shy Guy (*-*)

    12 days ago

    will there be a live stream in mars ? like a vlog hahaha btw this vids looks like its from a tv show caz the camera

  45. Ori Chen

    Ori Chen

    12 days ago

    OMG i LOVE IT!

  46. Hannah_519


    12 days ago

    I love the work that goes into the sacrificial elements of this! This is all so insanely amazing

  47. Araj Axhoh

    Araj Axhoh

    12 days ago

    When i watch this it has alredy landed and when i grow up i want to work at NASA

  48. MeloMelon Vr

    MeloMelon Vr

    12 days ago

    IQ LEVEL 9999999999999999999999999999

  49. Radioactive Elephant 🧣

    Radioactive Elephant 🧣

    12 days ago

    So you know how that guy who was one of maybe 40 people in the world to drive a vehicle on another planet? Well I'm one of the only maybe 40 people in the world to have sat on this chair that I'm currently sitting on.

  50. v Niels

    v Niels

    13 days ago

    Even tho it’s 4 years later, I almost cried when it landed

  51. Suhaineh Sainan

    Suhaineh Sainan

    13 days ago

    We can wait for go to mars maybe we gotta go to mars at the 2034

  52. Shimmy Ohi

    Shimmy Ohi

    13 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this amazing knowledges.

  53. Veer Relia

    Veer Relia

    13 days ago

    14.00 gave terriffic chills

  54. Rick Brunner

    Rick Brunner

    13 days ago

    Congratulations to you, Mark Rober

  55. baby yoda is life

    baby yoda is life

    13 days ago

    Watching stuff like this makes me love space but then I hate it because It’s be too scary for me.

  56. Phi Kayla Ry Jax Axel Thai

    Phi Kayla Ry Jax Axel Thai

    13 days ago

    The rover looks like wally

  57. AlanRG1 Yeye

    AlanRG1 Yeye

    13 days ago

    Like in the year 3, theres is going to be a hole city in mars

  58. Milo J Wand

    Milo J Wand

    13 days ago

    It’s not a Mars rover it’s a mark rober lol

  59. Shannon Walborn

    Shannon Walborn

    15 days ago


  60. Kayden TV

    Kayden TV

    15 days ago


  61. Chronicle GD

    Chronicle GD

    15 days ago

    After watching Mark’s NASA videos I’m always really inspired

  62. Ashlee Roberts

    Ashlee Roberts

    15 days ago

    On Curiosity’s wheels has JPL in Morse code

  63. Melissa Long

    Melissa Long

    15 days ago

    This vid came out on my birthday

  64. Tyler Seamans

    Tyler Seamans

    16 days ago

    it made me cry wen the flash backs started 😭😭😭😭😭

  65. Neptune's Creations

    Neptune's Creations

    16 days ago

    I know I'm late but Congratulations to you Mark and NASA on a safe landing.

  66. Jefferson Camua

    Jefferson Camua

    17 days ago

    Oh I have learned So many

  67. Shadow lobit Fnaf

    Shadow lobit Fnaf

    17 days ago

    It’s wally from the movie but I’m learning about it in summmer school

  68. Derek Nauenburg

    Derek Nauenburg

    17 days ago


  69. tru chubbs

    tru chubbs

    17 days ago


  70. 540ŚŮBŠÇŔİBĖŔŚ WithOut Video Challenge

    540ŚŮBŠÇŔİBĖŔŚ WithOut Video Challenge

    17 days ago

    Mark will have the coolest science stories to tell when he's a grandfather

  71. Katie Plays

    Katie Plays

    17 days ago


  72. Anonymy


    18 days ago

    Imagine being the person that gets to say that we landed :)

  73. Brian Edward Fitch

    Brian Edward Fitch

    20 days ago

    The disturbed city topologically divide because pants topically trot out a true hub. equal, windy flower

  74. O Morfeas Paizei

    O Morfeas Paizei

    20 days ago

    Perseverance is a Mark Rover

  75. Majeed's Gaming

    Majeed's Gaming

    20 days ago

    How many goosebumps you want? Me: yes

  76. mevsdullahan101


    21 day ago

    so wait who uh won the landing guess??🤣

  77. Berry Bears

    Berry Bears

    21 day ago

    When you watched the first part of this is class 😏

  78. zion muralee

    zion muralee

    22 days ago

    Congrats mark



    22 days ago


  80. Tom


    22 days ago

    I don't see how NASA is so great when they can't even see my wife's friend flying around with her broom, every time she goes hunting for babies to eat.

  81. Sally Woodward-Hawes

    Sally Woodward-Hawes

    24 days ago

    is your surname really Rober

  82. Li Min

    Li Min

    24 days ago

    I first thought the drones wouldn’t work because there was no air in space and I thought that you needed air to actually make wind so then that could push the drone around

  83. Daniel Knowles

    Daniel Knowles

    24 days ago

    Mark rober more like Mars rover

  84. Selman Guney

    Selman Guney

    25 days ago

    Homework would you mind if I borrow a spaceship to fly in space sand and breed there with some Bros

  85. Connie Castro

    Connie Castro

    25 days ago

    I watched this in school as a class

  86. Thandie R

    Thandie R

    25 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing these moments

  87. the space channel

    the space channel

    25 days ago

    hello NASA!!!!!!!

  88. the space channel

    the space channel

    25 days ago

    have you ever built a rocket

  89. Leontin Prutman

    Leontin Prutman

    25 days ago

    Thanks mark rober for giving the links

  90. Angad Singh

    Angad Singh

    26 days ago

    Did you know that maybe just maybe NASA would make live on VENUS

  91. Presley Dryden

    Presley Dryden

    27 days ago

    Congrats! Speaking of nasa when I’m older I want to set foot on Mars

  92. Seth Houle

    Seth Houle

    28 days ago

    Yo yo yo guys look Mark rober Mars rover It all makes sense now

    • Red Saber

      Red Saber

      25 days ago

      It does...

  93. Jeremy Brown

    Jeremy Brown

    29 days ago

    It landed on my birthday

  94. Amjad . koorithodi

    Amjad . koorithodi

    29 days ago

    I got nervous when he got nervous. I can feel like he feels.

  95. Joseph Ruggiero

    Joseph Ruggiero

    29 days ago


  96. A Person

    A Person

    Month ago

    Now i know why i have been seeing something flying around and this strange vehicle near my place.

  97. Scott


    Month ago

    Ahhhhh I so glad nothing bad happened I watched it live at 12.34 pm close to that I live i

  98. Ad Blocker

    Ad Blocker

    Month ago

    How much for that nasa pc?

  99. AddictedToEmotions


    Month ago

    You guys in Nasa use Blender? I'm shocked!

  100. D.L. Schum

    D.L. Schum

    Month ago

    LOLROF. Can't believe all the brainwashed sheep swallowing all this BS.