How To See Germs Spread Experiment (Coronavirus)


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    Year ago

    Please share this with anyone who doubts the science behind social distancing. The road ahead will be a bit bumpy, but we totally got this fellow Earthlings :)

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    • Corey Tucker

      Corey Tucker

      Month ago

      Ok and you are the best youtuber in the world but you should make more than 12 videos each year like maybe 20 or 25

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      Rod and pals gaming

      Month ago


    • Gagandeep Kour

      Gagandeep Kour

      2 months ago

      You literary called us earthling we could not watch the video if we were not humans

  2. Candice


    18 hours ago

    If we could see everyones germs i would have no friends.. nothing would really change anyway

  3. Majs14


    22 hours ago

    We are closing school for three weeks. The kid in the back. FORTNITE!!!

  4. ediitz


    Day ago

    That kid is wearing ninja's merch

  5. Jennifer Dameron

    Jennifer Dameron

    Day ago

    You should see what peoples elbows look like after they sneeze

    • Owennn


      Day ago

      Shut up

  6. Hajira Anwar

    Hajira Anwar

    2 days ago

    Hi this is asexual disorder

  7. Good


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  8. M & B

    M & B

    3 days ago

    8:35 kid at the end: WOOOOO FORTNITE

  9. Saul Vazquez

    Saul Vazquez

    3 days ago

    It’s quiet but at 0:01 it’s the sound from zelda

  10. Pookster 10

    Pookster 10

    3 days ago

    "FORTNITE!!!!!!!!!"- kid from class 2020

  11. mo.e


    3 days ago

    i’ve become paranoid.

  12. Devayani Thakur

    Devayani Thakur

    4 days ago

    Devayani Thakur

  13. ErronxBlack


    5 days ago

    2:27 the ultimate technique dont have hands

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    fortnite videos

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  15. TimeFN _

    TimeFN _

    6 days ago

    Mark rober saved 22 m people And Thank you

  16. Jacob Carrizales-Lopez

    Jacob Carrizales-Lopez

    6 days ago

    Are you friends with in a nutshell!! He’s my favorite youtuber

  17. uni time

    uni time

    7 days ago

    Where did he find the glo grem

  18. Si22o


    8 days ago

    When there’s no more school: FORTNITE!!!! Also,please listen to mark. It’s for you,your friends,your world. Stay safe!

  19. Kyla Kumar

    Kyla Kumar

    8 days ago

    pasti pasti pasti pasti pasti pasti pasti

  20. Dorro


    8 days ago

    I believe bowing is a much healthier greeting than handshaking and fist-bumping

  21. Samuel Apps

    Samuel Apps

    9 days ago

    How about telling Sydney to do that

  22. Derek Yatsko

    Derek Yatsko

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  23. NVRE


    9 days ago

    I literally wash my hands 38 seconds-

    • Fire ♪

      Fire ♪

      7 days ago

      I wash my hands 60 seconds

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    Parrot gang

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    10 days ago

    i want to wash my hands

  27. IcyFy


    11 days ago

    0:43 😂😭

  28. Switch YT

    Switch YT

    11 days ago

    best solution:wash your phone

  29. GlitterFartz


    11 days ago

    Me a germaphobe: 👁👄👁 Idk If I need this or would be terrified of it...

  30. TrixxFlixx


    11 days ago

    Little did those children know...

  31. Ruv from Friday night funkin

    Ruv from Friday night funkin

    11 days ago

    Mark robber were ever I go I I bring stuff that make jerms go away

  32. Erik Ferland

    Erik Ferland

    12 days ago

    The end of this video didn’t age well.

  33. Kncrowleyvlog


    12 days ago

    But what if I'm vaccinated

  34. kutties time

    kutties time

    13 days ago

    My hands are very fomy when I wash my hands but when my father was my hands it is not even so sopy

  35. Leona Gonzalez

    Leona Gonzalez

    13 days ago

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    Angela Anderson

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  37. Weirdo With glasses

    Weirdo With glasses

    13 days ago

    I’m proud that I convinced my teacher to show this in class and do a assignment on it

  38. Wfo600


    14 days ago

    "We will be closing school for 3 weeks" uuuuuh so about a year then.

  39. Alpha


    15 days ago

    I love the squirrel mazes

  40. Alpha


    15 days ago

    Can u please make another squirrel maze, please?

  41. Grace Davidson

    Grace Davidson

    16 days ago

    After this I wiped my desk, washed my hands, and cleaned my violin. Hope everyone is safe!

  42. Rex Anderson

    Rex Anderson

    16 days ago

    Me watching this a year later: Principle: We are going to be closing school for three weeks! Kids:😃 me:

  43. Rafael SC

    Rafael SC

    16 days ago

    I didn't know you play Kerbal Space Program

  44. It’s Riley the equestrian!!!

    It’s Riley the equestrian!!!

    17 days ago

    Last year March 2020 YEAH SCHOOOLS OUT WOOHOO!!!!! June 2021: what was I thinking???

  45. Tyson Wright

    Tyson Wright

    18 days ago

    "Just 15 days to flatten the curve." Lol

  46. Fortnite Botboy

    Fortnite Botboy

    19 days ago

    Did you just teach us a life lesson with skill share staring with a kid who wants to play Fortnite

  47. Fortnite Botboy

    Fortnite Botboy

    19 days ago

    Remember when it was just an extra week of spring break and then they send you a zoom link

  48. Alib •

    Alib •

    21 day ago

    this video is like a horror movie to me

  49. PicturedZhe


    22 days ago

    No one : literally no one : that one gamer kid : FORTNITE!!!

  50. Seth Adrien Rocks

    Seth Adrien Rocks

    22 days ago

    Imagine being the 4th kid

  51. Hello People

    Hello People

    22 days ago

    Now I know why teachers ask you to constantly wash your hands Also after watching this I washed my hands 🤣

  52. Youshey Zakiuddin

    Youshey Zakiuddin

    24 days ago

    So coooooooool?!

  53. LionRoar


    24 days ago

    why's he Only got 19 million subscribers he deserves more

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    the vR dogO

    25 days ago

    everyone should share this with people

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    3:06 XD

  58. Aniruddh Chaturvedi

    Aniruddh Chaturvedi

    26 days ago

    Did you donate team trees :)

  59. Mr Gibbs

    Mr Gibbs

    27 days ago

    dang mark travelled all the way to mexico for an experiment... oh

  60. Etched In Iron

    Etched In Iron

    27 days ago

    How is fist bumping safer than a handshake?

    • faze joe

      faze joe

      16 days ago

      Do you touch stuff with your fists or your fingures? That's why. We're a lot less likely to spread germs when they're at the back of our hands

  61. christian herrera

    christian herrera

    27 days ago

    Wow… came back a year after watching this video and it fills so different that is video actually made me emotional 😂

  62. Cleta Austin

    Cleta Austin

    28 days ago

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  63. J marie

    J marie

    29 days ago

    can someone explain why its not possible to color the virus?

  64. Victoria Brown

    Victoria Brown

    29 days ago

    can you do a 'draw my life' video? (copy and paste this comment)

  65. Navy Malfunction

    Navy Malfunction

    Month ago

    if one of the kids read this, please tell me you regret saying ooooooooooaaaa

  66. Sarah Bauer

    Sarah Bauer

    Month ago

    "We totally got this" Famous last words

  67. calcimi jiraldu

    calcimi jiraldu

    Month ago

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  68. That LEGO Kid

    That LEGO Kid

    Month ago

    I watched this in my class

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    AnAutoBot _

    Month ago

    We hav vacation

  70. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear

    Month ago

    Other USgoners: *"I can't say COVlD in my video or else."* Mark: *Talks about COVlD*

  71. Free running tacos

    Free running tacos

    Month ago

    I have watched this so many times.😂

  72. Ima will

    Ima will

    Month ago

    After this I clean my phone every day

  73. Corey Tucker

    Corey Tucker

    Month ago

    I think it would be if you mark talk about what is beyond the universe

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    Jessica M.

    Month ago

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  76. dmitri Iourinski

    dmitri Iourinski

    Month ago

    i do elbo bumps

  77. bitchin_chipotle


    Month ago

    Anyone else watched this video while picking their nose?

  78. Kasyah


    Month ago

    uboat stands for: underwater boat but in the begin of this video the first thing i thought was uber boat

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    Vinícius Gomes

    Month ago

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    Levi Davis

    Month ago

    i like this video

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    Month ago

    I love star wars

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    Month ago

    I love this video. ☝🏽❤️

  83. Tommy Nguyen

    Tommy Nguyen

    Month ago

    Principal: We are going to be closing school for three weeks Kids: Celebrate That one kid: FORTNITE!!!

  84. Heather Cook

    Heather Cook

    Month ago

    you should see how much better kids are now!

  85. Talha Alif

    Talha Alif

    Month ago

    Cool video

  86. Talha Alif

    Talha Alif

    Month ago

    Cool video

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    Joseph Callaway

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    Alright imma go wash my hands now

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    IE Maier

    Month ago

    "We got this" This aged well.

  92. Leakhena de Warren

    Leakhena de Warren

    Month ago

    sooo "la bise" is the worst greeting possible

  93. Victor Moore

    Victor Moore

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  94. Krazy Kade

    Krazy Kade

    Month ago

    March 2020: By the end of the year the virus will be gone June 2021: Still here (Not Bad)

  95. dread


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  96. _Zarry Clemmings_

    _Zarry Clemmings_

    Month ago

    Mark, in March 2020 : "Now that our schedules have been *totally cleared,* we have potentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in ourselves." **online school has entered the chat**

  97. Catal


    Month ago

    Thanks For The Info Mark Rober

  98. Pepe Le Cute

    Pepe Le Cute

    Month ago

    1:08 - 1:15 Danganronpa go burrr

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    Tabitha Bailey

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