Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    4 months ago

    Have a *proactive* conversation about this with older folks you heart. And THEN come join me in my Creative Engineering Course!!

    • mikey7189


      7 days ago

      thank you Mark, I have watched Jim's videos and I love seeing the scammers get theirs....GREAT JOB :-)

    • MuffnMonster


      11 days ago

      Thank you for your work

    • AstroCanva


      17 days ago

      Why are they saying hi- nvm I won’t ask *lmao I’m scared **

    • Ken boy

      Ken boy

      Month ago


    • Carlos Sajulga

      Carlos Sajulga

      3 months ago

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  2. Lucky Hearts

    Lucky Hearts

    2 hours ago

    The murky poland intradurally crawl because storm geometrically steer round a straight garden. bustling, physical bulb

  3. GR - 07ZZ 777889 Herb Campbell PS

    GR - 07ZZ 777889 Herb Campbell PS

    3 hours ago

    I have an idian gramdma and I was at her house and here was a scammer call and she heard there accent and she went off in her language

  4. Exzelt Gaming

    Exzelt Gaming

    5 hours ago

    did anyone else notice the music used?

  5. Travis Bell

    Travis Bell

    5 hours ago

    0:54 jay-z?

  6. Unstable Will

    Unstable Will

    6 hours ago

    I hate how they do this to people over 65 years

  7. ItsPhantomYT


    8 hours ago


  8. kiryoon


    9 hours ago

    i hate scammers. knowing that the scammed could easily be a neighbor or your parents and lose so much money that could be used for important stuff like bills or food… i get so angry

  9. Luis Cayo

    Luis Cayo

    9 hours ago

    You guys should do investigations on EDD related fraudsters in California, I know for a fact there's probably a bunch of scammers in INDIA who were running the whole thing.

  10. Blake MCLEARY

    Blake MCLEARY

    11 hours ago

    i wish this video came out sooner becuase i just got scammed for 24k

  11. Mario Wathens

    Mario Wathens

    11 hours ago


  12. Typically Spy

    Typically Spy

    15 hours ago

    Bessie is making me cry 10:00 :(

  13. rick760199


    15 hours ago

    Gary got fucked for nothing 😂

  14. Caleb Williams

    Caleb Williams

    16 hours ago

    Not all heroes wear capes you do what I’ve always wanted to with technology everyday

  15. Chakat Nightsparkle

    Chakat Nightsparkle

    16 hours ago

    I really think this should be placed on news channels as a special Edition.

  16. Enchanted Fox

    Enchanted Fox

    17 hours ago

    You are awesome!!!! Your like a modern day Robin Hood.

  17. CrazyFalcon


    18 hours ago

    He gives me responsible Tony stark vibes

  18. The Monster Jack

    The Monster Jack

    19 hours ago

    Plants vs zombie pool music

  19. Matthew Strand

    Matthew Strand

    19 hours ago

    why did gary open that package?

  20. Moo The Cow

    Moo The Cow

    20 hours ago

    Lets make a class about scams, teaching people (mainly older people) how to avoid them.

  21. Fri Ya

    Fri Ya

    20 hours ago

    Dude can you use something more eco friendly than glitter please 😢😢

  22. J'tone Jackson

    J'tone Jackson

    22 hours ago

    You know how they say "You're doing Gods work" you guys are most definitely are

  23. Sebbiajim


    22 hours ago


  24. masss21 Larios

    masss21 Larios

    23 hours ago


  25. NaldWasTaken


    23 hours ago

    You save all those people from getting SCAMMED

  26. Frooti_lo0pz


    23 hours ago

    Supervisor acquired… :)

  27. Frooti_lo0pz


    Day ago

    Hehe no more scammers:)

  28. mckrino leon

    mckrino leon

    Day ago

    It'd be great if a swat team suddenly broke into one of those scammer offices

  29. abhay Tiwari

    abhay Tiwari

    Day ago

    I wish I could punch these basta#@ds. They are actually monsters scamming people with their life's earning. And at 9:57, they prooved that they don't have souls and I would really like to see these guys being kicked by people. Thank you for your work @markrober

  30. RileyGaming


    Day ago


  31. The Tea Lord

    The Tea Lord

    Day ago

    Pun: Mark Rober more like Mark ROBBER

  32. Bella Samantha

    Bella Samantha

    Day ago

    I love what y'all are doing, keep going. You guys rock! 😁

  33. Getawags


    Day ago

    are we just gonna ignore the [as] stticker in the backround?

  34. Archit Nama

    Archit Nama

    Day ago

    20:57 I agree



    Day ago

    This thing is like a dye pack

  36. Sloth Vlogs

    Sloth Vlogs

    Day ago

    Aaaaaah nothin like vigilante justice

  37. Isaimaaran VI C 6095 Isai

    Isaimaaran VI C 6095 Isai

    Day ago

    i am not a scammer but im in india and i love u guys

  38. LueIsBlue


    Day ago

    Imagine wet glitter in there

  39. CaptnClever


    Day ago

    3:19 pvz 2 music

  40. Tasrick Hasan

    Tasrick Hasan

    Day ago


  41. Tommy Hallum

    Tommy Hallum

    Day ago

    As soon as that older lady started to cry I about lost it. I wanted to fly to India and beat the crap out of that guy myself.

  42. kyle Sackett

    kyle Sackett

    Day ago

    Anyone else see that Jay-Z and mark are having phone calls?

    • PengwengUnicorn


      Day ago

      It’s most likely just a friend who he put in his phone as Jay-Z, probably not actually Jay-Z, but I could be wrong

  43. Ghost Writer

    Ghost Writer

    Day ago

    the sad part is when the victim goes to the bank and the reciept shows the account balance and they do not realise it does not match what the scammers edit on the pc is, that it is their balance prior to the html edit and they do not pick up on it that they do not have an extra amount in their account

  44. * something witty *

    * something witty *

    Day ago

    The best part is that the scammers can't falsely sue you for slander

  45. plantswearpants!


    Day ago

    i never though that i would hear pvz music in a mark rober video

  46. Noah Lemley

    Noah Lemley

    Day ago

    Mark casually flexing on us with the Jay-Z FaceTime and 2 missed calls from the Elongated Muskrat.

  47. AdventuresofVindalf


    Day ago

    You guys are like a glittery Batman!

  48. Chris M

    Chris M

    Day ago

    Imagine, the huge budget America puts into its security departments and it takes months and months or even years to gather evidence and this youtuber just does it out of spit and hits them all.

  49. cvthegreat11


    Day ago

    0:54 i love how mark literally facetimed Jay-Z And Elon Musk

  50. FARTSKEe


    Day ago

    17:49 is it just me or are those some dogs tied up and abandoned...



    Day ago

    We worn my grandmother about these kind of call's so she knows because these people tried to get me as well they called me saying that this is detective who ever & that they found a car with all kinds of drugs in it in Texas I've never in my life been there &said for all charges to be dropped I have to pay a certain amount of money I played along with them for a little bit then I told them my dad work for the government & can track them down they hung up the phone

  52. Daniel Rivas Matias

    Daniel Rivas Matias

    Day ago

    mark is the best USgone in the world

  53. The kelly kids

    The kelly kids

    Day ago

    Mark I’m such a big fan

  54. Jack Adair

    Jack Adair

    Day ago


  55. Nooby Playz

    Nooby Playz

    Day ago

    Is it just me or is school starting to be useless like at school when are you gonna need to know what x-9=10 like bruh This is science

  56. PlatinumEagleStudio's


    Day ago

    1:36 He's calling because Tracy didn't activate Windows.

  57. Vitharr Bkls

    Vitharr Bkls

    Day ago

    +1 subscriber.

  58. Turtlez


    Day ago

    Everyone talking about the videos Me vibing and hearing the pvz roof theme

  59. Mubdi Mim

    Mubdi Mim

    Day ago

    you guys are soo cool for doing these

  60. Leggett Robert

    Leggett Robert

    Day ago

    I have just been scammed. any idea how i can get my money back ?

    • Cannon Raymond

      Cannon Raymond

      Day ago

      thank you

    • Karen Ben

      Karen Ben

      Day ago

      I am really sorry about that. You should look for an expert to help you out. lost $386k last year. i am glad i got it back with the help of trustrefund. Look them up on the web.

    • Cannon Raymond

      Cannon Raymond

      Day ago

      How did you get scammed ?

  61. Red_Dead2


    2 days ago

    Why do i get Mark Rober mixed up with David Dobrik

  62. Alpha Coder

    Alpha Coder

    2 days ago

    Real life proof that not all heroes wear cape.

  63. Abn 2013

    Abn 2013

    2 days ago

    That in my pocket is 🐱🐈

  64. Abn 2013

    Abn 2013

    2 days ago

    Also I am a youtuber

  65. tacoplays


    2 days ago


  66. Dr When

    Dr When

    2 days ago

    Glitter isn’t what I’d have given these ndjdjsbbunshd

  67. tony montana

    tony montana

    2 days ago

    just nuked 💥💀 India and all scams will stop? 😁

  68. tony montana

    tony montana

    2 days ago

    Here's a picture of Phyllis? 🤡

  69. mani kanta

    mani kanta

    2 days ago

    Awesome work!

  70. tony montana

    tony montana

    2 days ago

    Wow! there's a lot of suckers! out there? 🤡🤡🤡

  71. tony montana

    tony montana

    2 days ago

    Who falls for these scams? 🤡🤡🤡

  72. fanof war robots h:zd Henry stickmin

    fanof war robots h:zd Henry stickmin

    2 days ago

    Rickroll in the end

  73. legend 360

    legend 360

    2 days ago

    it seems like every single scammer we see in these type of videos are from india or just asia in general

  74. Ant Per

    Ant Per

    2 days ago

    You guys are HEROES! Luv u all ❤

  75. Building Gates

    Building Gates

    2 days ago

    Mark Rober: Private Investigator

  76. Nunya Biznez

    Nunya Biznez

    2 days ago

    💕 love it that ur busting these lowlifes!!!! My elderly father got ripped off for $30,000.00! I hope law enforcement is paying u!!!!!

  77. Owen Bramblett

    Owen Bramblett

    2 days ago


  78. WhiteOmega


    2 days ago

    Such a lovely video!! Love y'all's work on this!!

  79. Sabrina Comelchook

    Sabrina Comelchook

    2 days ago

    Thanku so much. Thanku on behave of all our vulnerable grannies and grandpas.

  80. Kat H

    Kat H

    2 days ago


  81. Mary Steele

    Mary Steele

    2 days ago

    TY for bring proactive for the scammed individuals and for sharing info.

  82. Kai Silva

    Kai Silva

    2 days ago

    No cussing plz



    2 days ago

    Normal people : 30 IQ Intelligent people : 50 IQ Elon Musk : 100 IQ Mark Rober : 9999999999 IQ

  84. Eli Whitehead-zimmers

    Eli Whitehead-zimmers

    2 days ago

    This is incredible

  85. Jack Thompson

    Jack Thompson

    2 days ago

    Unfortunately they pay off the authorities in India grrr

  86. WillyOmNom


    2 days ago

    Waiting for the follow up video on this because this is really interesting :)

  87. TheShogun


    2 days ago

    I used to think they were really simple, but I started watching Jim and now this really just shows how complex they are it is mind blowing.

  88. Omigara Ranara

    Omigara Ranara

    2 days ago

    Thank you guys for making these videos, explaining how they actually get you, and helping to stop them from hurting anyone else.

  89. madness peter griffin

    madness peter griffin

    2 days ago

    I adore the pvz background music, honestly makes this video.

  90. Molly Gundies

    Molly Gundies

    2 days ago

    I was astonished at how my dad, who was totally money savvy all his life, was scammed within just a few months of his death. Never leave the members of your family who are in failing health alone on the phone.

    • Teary !

      Teary !

      Day ago

      I'm sorry for your loss!

  91. richard fote

    richard fote

    2 days ago


  92. richard fote

    richard fote

    2 days ago

    Sorry. Robert.

  93. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith

    2 days ago

    Well played mark & Co.

  94. TheBeingReal


    2 days ago

    Catch one and ten more replace them.

  95. Benjamin Aswad

    Benjamin Aswad

    2 days ago

    Whoa! This is insane.

  96. DallenisherE


    2 days ago

    Mark Rober is the new FBI 😎