Backyard Squirrel Maze 1.0- Ninja Warrior Course


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    Year ago

    Phantastic Gus is my spirit animal.

    • Ok Editor

      Ok Editor

      21 day ago

      Yes sir yes sir

    • IᑎᖴIᑎITY ᒪOOᑭ

      IᑎᖴIᑎITY ᒪOOᑭ

      Month ago

      Mortie aka Marty be mine

    • Lolzers 127

      Lolzers 127

      Month ago

      Truly our spirit animal

    • Trippy Pepsi

      Trippy Pepsi

      4 months ago


    • Zippy Bagi

      Zippy Bagi

      4 months ago


  2. Jaime fuller

    Jaime fuller

    35 minutes ago


  3. Tobi’s Skills

    Tobi’s Skills

    3 hours ago

    Catch “Rick and Marty” Sundays at 8:00!

  4. ¿Cocoa?


    10 hours ago

    Mark: I make mazes for squirrels me: i can drink 10 packs of capri sun

  5. Ethan The Gamer

    Ethan The Gamer

    17 hours ago

    8:48 this was almost perfect

  6. Eric Knudson

    Eric Knudson

    20 hours ago


  7. Spailon


    22 hours ago

    No squirrels were harmed during this video. But barbies were 3:40

  8. IThinkitwillcome


    Day ago

    When he said Rick a Marty I thought he said Rick and Morty is that just me

  9. Sp!cy KR4K3N

    Sp!cy KR4K3N

    Day ago

    Rick and Marty how about Rick and morty

  10. Derp Derp

    Derp Derp

    Day ago

    I’m gettin me a phat gus shirt for my birthday

  11. Rick Christopher

    Rick Christopher

    Day ago

    HaHa, you're a mad genius... take care...

  12. Korrupt Gamer

    Korrupt Gamer

    Day ago

    Turns out phat Gus is not a dude and he’s pregnant -mark rober

  13. Bro Annoying

    Bro Annoying

    Day ago

    Even when he is in lockdown, this guy manages to make a video 10^∞ times more interesting than a normal video.



    Day ago

    i am starting to love squirrel bcoz of this vlog!

  15. Amogh Sparsh

    Amogh Sparsh

    2 days ago

    You are my role model

  16. Grace Victoria Chi Madelyn

    Grace Victoria Chi Madelyn

    2 days ago

    I love squirrels

  17. Starlightplayz


    2 days ago

    Dnf slinky bridge

  18. MarioPlayr


    2 days ago

    Kiwi Co is godly.

  19. skvyy


    2 days ago

    100% my favorite video you've ever made. Part 2 is also my favorite

  20. Thomas Rush

    Thomas Rush

    2 days ago

    I agree with you mark

  21. Happy Chipmunk Plays

    Happy Chipmunk Plays

    3 days ago

    Rick and Marty More like… Rick and Morty

  22. Jayashri Anand

    Jayashri Anand

    3 days ago

    This is by far the best video I have seen on USgone 👏👏👏👏👏

  23. Jayashri Anand

    Jayashri Anand

    3 days ago

    Darn so squirrels are as smart as they are cute, aren't they? 😳

  24. Gio Picano

    Gio Picano

    3 days ago

    Best video I've ever watched. And best USgone.

  25. Tahfizul GamerYT

    Tahfizul GamerYT

    3 days ago

    11:27 I belive i can fly animal edition..

  26. Breslynblox


    3 days ago

    Gus is my fav yasssssSssssssssssssssssssss

  27. Justin Bartusiak

    Justin Bartusiak

    3 days ago

    IM A PHAT GUS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Simon Vo

    Simon Vo

    3 days ago

    How you tame a squirrel

  29. Beverly Emery

    Beverly Emery

    3 days ago

    Rick and Marty..... That sounds familiar

  30. PeterMan SpiderParker

    PeterMan SpiderParker

    3 days ago

    Next mark is going to have the bird feeder hanging from a drone so the squirrels can’t get it

  31. bikia johii

    bikia johii

    3 days ago

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  32. Amber Mccune

    Amber Mccune

    3 days ago

    I love how I basically just watched wipeout squirrel edition lmaoo

  33. Balen GD

    Balen GD

    3 days ago

    Rick and Marty... slick, Mark

  34. rilla tag

    rilla tag

    3 days ago

    the last part made me shed a tear

  35. Murgisan Moglai

    Murgisan Moglai

    3 days ago

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  36. Tyler Preston smith

    Tyler Preston smith

    4 days ago

    Rick and Marty sounds like Rick and mo

  37. Momtaz Khandaker

    Momtaz Khandaker

    4 days ago

    8:23. Ignore this

  38. Amy Lewis-Muloin

    Amy Lewis-Muloin

    4 days ago

    Rick and Marty more like Rick and morty

  39. Samantha Key

    Samantha Key

    4 days ago

    Cats don't always land on their feet.

  40. ‘F15Stroke’


    4 days ago

    I grew up in Chicago and the only real nature we had was rats, robins, and squirrels. I would sit in our backyard for hours & watch squirrels do what they do.

  41. smegger knee

    smegger knee

    4 days ago

    I have no idea how I got THIS 😸 as a recommendation 🐿️👈 This is brilliant filming,audio,production and editting.

  42. T-Dog Hammer

    T-Dog Hammer

    4 days ago

    This gotta be the best video on this whole Plattform.

  43. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah

    4 days ago

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  44. wolf  boi

    wolf boi

    4 days ago

    Squirrels big brain

  45. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith

    5 days ago

    I’ve been waiting a long time for Rick and Marty season 5

  46. Mohamad Jaohara

    Mohamad Jaohara

    5 days ago


  47. Maxwell moss

    Maxwell moss

    5 days ago

    Rick and Marty are similar… BUT RICK AND MORTY ARE SIMALER

  48. MrWolff 99

    MrWolff 99

    5 days ago


  49. Memelux


    5 days ago

    "Rick and Marty" missed the chance

  50. Mr AmaRe

    Mr AmaRe

    5 days ago

    Squirrels are so underrated 😲

  51. Aishwarya Jayadas

    Aishwarya Jayadas

    5 days ago

    This is so cool n lovely. A Ninja Warrior course !!! I had been feeding birds and squirrels who come to my balcony via the tree nearby. The food gets over in minutes time!! Both birds and squirrels enjoy having their meal, and we ensure that the food (grains/nuts) is always refilled. I really love watching them. It feels close to nature! Pure lovely creatures

  52. Tom B

    Tom B

    5 days ago

    Gus is my spirit squirrel



    5 days ago

    Nothing is squirrel proof they will defeat you every time dude how do you not notice that already if they can defeat birdfeeders I’m going to beat you

  54. Het Sarsava

    Het Sarsava

    5 days ago

    9:46 that jump 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sooo perfect

  55. Leo Tan

    Leo Tan

    5 days ago

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  56. Squirrel ! Was taken :/

    Squirrel ! Was taken :/

    5 days ago

    It should’ve been Rick and morty lol

    • william bailey

      william bailey

      4 days ago


  57. Diana Hill

    Diana Hill

    6 days ago

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  58. Miguel Buhatin

    Miguel Buhatin

    6 days ago

    Squirrel but

  59. Evelyn mcbride

    Evelyn mcbride

    6 days ago

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  60. Pink Domo

    Pink Domo

    6 days ago

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  61. Renee Santos

    Renee Santos

    6 days ago

    I have the second bird feeder

  62. Jimbob


    6 days ago

    He should have done Rick and morty

    • william bailey

      william bailey

      4 days ago

      That is the joke

  63. Libby Campbell

    Libby Campbell

    6 days ago

    I got the "Paint me like one of your French squirrels" joke.

  64. Harry_ B

    Harry_ B

    6 days ago

    17:03 Actually 300 milestones is 3 seconds

  65. The death of A Ghost And Dabi!

    The death of A Ghost And Dabi!

    6 days ago

    Remember that Mark quit NASA to become the guy who is obsessing over squirrels who everyone in the neighborhood thinks is crazy

  66. Bob Chege

    Bob Chege

    6 days ago

    Absolutely amazing !!!

  67. Edins


    7 days ago

    I love your videos because they are worth to watch multiple times

  68. costaricanchick89


    7 days ago

    2:07 is weird

  69. Lego Mario

    Lego Mario

    7 days ago


  70. ZachBlox


    7 days ago

    Normal person: DARN SQUIRRELS!! Mark: Hey I’ll make a ninja warrior course they have to go through to get nuts! 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  71. Melvin Franco

    Melvin Franco

    7 days ago

    Oh boy.

  72. Lima Delta

    Lima Delta

    7 days ago

    Has phantastic gus had her baby or baby’s yet?

  73. Second Twirl

    Second Twirl

    7 days ago

    This video made my day!

  74. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez

    8 days ago

    What spends all the time on the floor but never gets dirty? 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕕𝕠𝕨

  75. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez

    8 days ago


  76. Theo Traveler

    Theo Traveler

    8 days ago

    Survival of the fittest, intelligence is rewarded properly 🤑🤑💰

  77. Phat Gus

    Phat Gus

    8 days ago


  78. Spring Liu

    Spring Liu

    8 days ago

    Rick and Marty? More like Rick an Morty.

  79. Gaming Overload

    Gaming Overload

    8 days ago

    Make a 3.0 version of the squirrel obstacle course

  80. bg se

    bg se

    9 days ago

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  81. Gercy Wise

    Gercy Wise

    9 days ago

    This Is Where My Child Hood YT Begins

  82. Julio Paita

    Julio Paita

    9 days ago

    I watch this channel every day

  83. Julio Paita

    Julio Paita

    9 days ago

    I love this channel

  84. what jack ate for breakfast

    what jack ate for breakfast

    9 days ago

    mark are you going to vidcon florida this year?

  85. JoeyTheGamer


    9 days ago

    Big Chungus 2.0 9:25

  86. Vipin V Lokesh

    Vipin V Lokesh

    9 days ago

    top 5 rivalries on youtube- 5. Deji vs Jake Paul 4. KSI vs Logan Paul 3. Pewdiepie vs T series 2. Marvel vs DC 1. Mark Rober vs Squirrels

  87. Keagan Leukel

    Keagan Leukel

    9 days ago

    Squirrel T-shirt

  88. JohnAirplane8


    9 days ago

    I would be down to watch American Ninja Warrior with animals as a real tv show

  89. Unstoppable Gaming 2.0

    Unstoppable Gaming 2.0

    9 days ago


  90. Ghyuty17


    9 days ago

    I never knew squirrels were this impressive

  91. Amia Tanner

    Amia Tanner

    10 days ago

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  92. AiM BoAt

    AiM BoAt

    10 days ago

    Mark: " A Smooth recovery " The Smooth plates: " am i a joke to you?"

  93. 育誠 張

    育誠 張

    10 days ago


  94. 育誠 張

    育誠 張

    10 days ago


    • 育誠 張

      育誠 張

      10 days ago


  95. Gustavo Arzaga

    Gustavo Arzaga

    10 days ago

    Aw come on really 9:01

  96. K Kr

    K Kr

    10 days ago

    If I'm ever imprisoned I want it to be with these squirrels. They will have me sprung in no time, or anyhow get from my cell to the food in the kitchen. :) No mention of the role of the rotating tail in the squirrel's and cat's landing. Could a tailless animal do it?

  97. I_ believe_in_aliens🥳

    I_ believe_in_aliens🥳

    10 days ago

    Lol i ❤️ squirrels

  98. Ahmed Elghazali

    Ahmed Elghazali

    10 days ago


  99. baisley hively

    baisley hively

    10 days ago

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  100. Denise Mezynski

    Denise Mezynski

    10 days ago

    This was Amazing to watch, you did a great job on obstacle course. But, they deserve a Lifetime of snacks, I see you kinda did. Squirrels are simply Beautiful.... Thanks fur showing me & others !!